Vol 94 (1984)

Table of Contents

Academy Business

Preface, Officers and committees, Highlights of the spring meeting, Pictorial highlights of the fall meeting PDF
  iii-xiv, 3-68
New Members for 1984 PDF


Necrology PDF
Indiana Academy of Science 69-75

President's Address

Computers, Education, and Artifical Intelligence PDF
Theodore J. Crovello 80-87

Special Address

"Speaker of the Year" Address, 1984-85: The Contributions of the Nightshade Family (Solanaceae) to Human Welfare PDF
Charles B. Heiser, Jr. 88-92


Abstracts PDF
Donald Cochran 93-96


Abstracts PDF
Phillip E. Pope 97-98
Response of Muskmelon to Within-row Plant Spacing PDF
H. S. Bhella 99-104
Stem Length as an Estimator of Muskmelon Growth PDF
H. S. Bhella, G. E. Wilcox 105-108
Isolation of the Coprophilous Fungus, Pilobolus, from Wayne County, Indiana PDF
K. Michael Foos, Judith A. Royer 109-112
A New Amine as an Uncoupler of Chloroplast Electron Transport PDF
Jonathan Leeds, Lynne Bemis, Rita Barr, Frederick L. Crane 113-116
A Rapid Method for the Determination of Barley Seed Viability PDF
Gayton C. Marks, William W. Blooom, Jeffrey G. Boyle 117-120
Population Studies of Threatened and Endangered Plants of Barker Woods Nature Preserve, LaPorte County, Indiana PDF
Patricia W. Reed 121-130
Bacterial Wilt Resistance in Commercial Muskmelon Cultivars PDF
G. L. Reed, W. R. Stevenson 131-140
Improving Efficiency of Iron Uptake by Soybeans PDF
Rosemary Rodibaugh, Connie Weaver 141-144
A Compilation of Plant Diseases and Disorders in Indiana PDF
Gail E. Ruhl, Richard X. Latin, Paul C. Pecknold, Donald H. Scott 145-150

Cell Biology

Abstracts PDF
Ralph Jersild 151-154
Plasma Progesterone, Blastocyst Steroidogenesis and Blastocyst Survival in Rats with Altered Thyroid Status PDF
James P. Holland, Richard Brooks, Erich Weidenbener 155-160
Chick Limb Duplications Produced by Retinoic Acid Releasing Microimplants PDF
Lisa B. Nass, Annette L. Schlueter, Grayson S. Davis 161-166


Abstracts PDF
Shannon Lieb 167-176
Sensitivity Studies of a Computer Model for the Peroxidase-oxidase Oscillating Reaction PDF
Christopher L. Bush, Raima M. Larter 177-180
A SCC MO Calculation on the Tetracyanoethylene-benzine Complex PDF
Joe Kirsch, Shannon Lieb, Mark Cisneros 181-186
Spectra and Photochemistry of the Chloro Complex of Copper (I) PDF
Kristine S. Kurtz, Kenneth L. Stevenson 187-192
Evaluation of Sample Pretreatments as Potential Methods of Enhancing Phospholipid Extraction from Human Amniotic Fluid PDF
Barth H. Ragatz, Gina Modrak, Ericka Baeske 193-196
Comparison of Two Simple Methods for Determining Lecithin/Sphingomyelin (L/S) Ratios in Human Amniotic Fluid Samples PDF
Barth H. Ragatz, Gina Modrak, Patricia S. Conn 197-202
The Effects of Oligolysines and Polylysines on Human Platelet Aggregation Induced by Polylysines, Adenosine Diphosphate, and Epinephrine PDF
Barth H. Ragatz, Gina Modrak, Mike Engle 203-208


Abstracts PDF
Edwin R. Squiers 209-214
Tree Species Response to Release from Domestic Livestock Grazing PDF
David K. Apsley, Donald J. Leopold, George R. Parker 215-226
Characteristics of Drumming Habitat of Ruffed Grouse in Indiana PDF
Steven E. Backs, Sean T. Kelly, Decker Major, Brian K. Miller 227-230
The Foraging Ecology of Some Bats in Indiana PDF
Virgil Brack, Jr. 231-238
Legal Game Harvest by Indiana Landowners Hunting without a License PDF
John S. Castrale, Robert E. Rolley, William J. Pfingsten 239-244
The Natural Regions of Indiana PDF
Michael A. Homoya, D. Brian Abrell, James A. Aldrich, Thomas W. Post 245-268
Successional Relationships of Pine Stands at Indiana Dunes PDF
Eric S. Menges, Thomas V. Armentano 269-288
The Roots of Ecology in Indiana PDF
Edwin R. Squiers 289-292


Abstracts PDF
David D. Chesak 293-296
Evaluation of Landsat Thematic Mapper Data for Classifying Forest Lands PDF
Paul W. Mueller, Roger M. Hoffer, John E. Jacobson 297-302


Abstracts PDF
Paul Robert Grimstad 303-306
Anecdotal History of Entomology in Indiana PDF
John J. Favinger 307-312
Indiana Gypsy Moth Survey—A History PDF
Philip T. Marshall, James A. Clark 313-322
Insects and Other Arthropods of Economic Importance in Indiana in 1984 PDF
Robert W. Meyer 323-328
Annual Changes in Flea Populations on Three Domestic Pets, 1978-1984 PDF
Jack R. Munsee 329-334
Control of Vegetable Insects with Neem Seed Exracts PDF
David K. Reed, Gary L. Reed 335-340
Checklist of Adult Carabid Beetles Known From Indiana PDF
John Richard Schrock 341-356
A Checklist of the Aquatic Coleoptera of Indiana PDF
Charles E. White, Frank N. Young, N. M. Downie 357-370

Environmental Quality

Abstracts PDF
William Beranek, Jr. 371-372
Herbicide (Alachlor, Atrazine, Linuron and Paraquat) Residues in Deer Mice Inhabiting Conventional and Minimum Tillage Row-crop Fields PDF
Denise Benson, Claude D. Baker, Bill J. Forsyth, John S. Castrale 373-380
Acid Rain: A Synopsis PDF
Ronald J. Galloy 381-386

Geology and Geography

Abstracts PDF
Edward Lyon 387-390
Evidence of Algal Source of Micrite in a Saluda Coral Zone in Southeastern Indiana PDF
Will H. Blackwell 391-394

History of Science

The Rich and Varied Past of the History of Science Section PDF
Barbara A. Seeley, Gerald R. Seeley 395-400

Microbiology and Molecular Biology

Abstracts PDF
J. R. Garcia 401-406
Control of Cell Growth by Transplasmalemma Redox: Stimulation of HeLa Cell Growth by Impermeable Oxidants PDF
I. L. Sun, J. E. Putnam, F. L. Crane 407-416

Physics and Astronomy

Abstracts PDF
Vincent A. DiNoto, Jr. 417-420
Integer-valued Equivalent Resistances PDF
Samir I. Sayegh, Joseph D. Lawrence 421-424

Plant Taxonomy

Abstracts PDF
Marion T. Jackson 425-428
The Red and Black Oaks of Indiana PDF
Richard J. Jensen 429-446
A Preliminary Review and Multiple-entry Key to the Rust Fungi on Cyperaceae and Juncaceae in Indiana PDF
John W. McCain 447-454
Additions to the Flora of Pike and Gibson Counties, Indiana PDF
Thomas W. Post 455-456
Gravel Hill Prairies of Indiana PDF
Thomas W. Post, John A. Bacone, James R. Aldrich 457-464
Vascular Plants of Barker Woods Nature Preserve, LaPorte County, Indiana PDF
Victor Riemenschneider, Patricia Wiese Reeds 465-470


Abstracts PDF
Robert Fischer 471-474
Munro's Doctrines: A Forgotten Pioneer in Holism and Hypnosis PDF
Walter Hartmann 475-482

Science Education

Abstracts PDF
Linda Hamrick 483-488
CLIMATE: A Microcomputer Program Allowing Student Preparation of Climatic Maps for Indiana PDF
Gary E. Dolph 489-498
A Summer Institute in Microcomputer Applications for Secondary School Science Teachers PDF
L. Dwight Farringer, James T. Streator, Albert A. Williams 499-502
Use of a Microcomputer to Enchance the Coin Flip Probability Exercise in the General Biology Laboratory PDF
K. Michael Foos 503-508
Two-year College Biology Instructors' Preceptions about their Role Expectations PDF
Lawrence Scharmann, Harold Harty 509-516

Soil and Atmospheric Sciences

Abstracts PDF
David R. Smith 517-520
Wet Atmospheric Deposition in Indiana PDF
J. A. Andresen, W. W. McFee, J. L. Ahlrichs, K. T. Pawu 521-528
The National Weather Service Rainfall Data Collection Network in Indiana PDF
John T. Curran, Albert P. Shipe, Edward C. Yess 529-532
Soil Survey in Indiana: Past, Present and Future PDF
D. P. Franzmeier, H. M. Galloway, J. E. Yahner 533-546
Gust Fronts in Doppler Radar Data PDF
Diane L. Klingle, David R. Smith 547-554
An Analysis of the 28 March 1984 Tornado Outbreak in the Carolinas PDF
T. E. Klingler, D. R. Smith 555-564
Response of Forage Crops to Dolomitic Lime PDF
Ana L. Pires, J. L. Ahlrichs, C. L. Rhykerd 565-570
A Wind Tunnel Investigation of Roughness Parameters for Surfaces of Regularly Arrayed Roughness Elements PDF
Wayne F. Rostek, Jr., John T. Snow 571-578
A Comparison of Soils on Uncreclaimed 1949 Indiana Coal Stripmine Surfaces in 1964 and 1981 PDF
John Richard Schrock, Jack R. Munsee 579-596


Abstracts PDF
Thomas Fogle 597-602
Rediscovery of the Spotted Darter, Etheostroma maculatum, in Indiana Waters: Blue River; Crawford, Harrison and Washington Conties; Ohio River Drainage, USA PDF
Claude D. Baker, Bill J. Forsyth, Tom Wiles, D. Brian Abrell 603-606
Food Habits of Urban Amerian kestrels, Falco sparverius PDF
Virgil Brack, Jr., Ted T. Cable, Daniel E. Driscoll 607-614
Parasitic Endohelminths from Fishes of Southern Indiana PDF
Richard L. Buckner, Melvin W. Denner, Daniel R. Brooks, Shareen C. Buckner 615-620
The Present Distribution and Status of the Eastern Woodrat, Neotomoa floridana, in Indiana PDF
Wynn W. Cudmore 621-628
Occurrence of Swimmers' Itch in Northeast Indiana PDF
David L. Daniell 629-632
Cottonmouth, Agkistrodon piscivorus, Records from the Blue River and Potato Run in Harrison County, Indiana (Ohio River Drainage, USA) PDF
Bill J. Forsyth, Claude D. Baker, Tom Wiles, Charles Weilbaker 633-634
Dental Anomalies in Three Species of Shrews from Indiana PDF
Thomas W. French 635-640
Reproduction and Age Structure of Three Indiana Shrews PDF
Thomas W. French 641-644
Canine Dirofilariasis in Central Indiana PDF
Neil J. Parke, Charles E. Mays 645-648
Ectoparasite of Pine Voles, Microtus pinetorum, from Clark County, Illinois PDF
D. David Pascal, Jr., John O. Whitaker, Jr. 649-656
Quarternary Remains of the Spotted Skunk Spilogale putorius, in Indiana PDF
Ronald L. Richards 657-666
Extinct Woodland Muskox, Symbos cavifrons, Cranium from Miami County, North Central Indiana PDF
Ronald L. Richards, William R. Wepler 667-672
Survey of the Fishes of the Kingsbury State Fish and Wildlife Area, LaPorte County, Indiana PDF
David M. Sever, Douglas Duff 673-680
Heat Loss from Avian Integument: Effects of Posture and the Plumage PDF
Marcus D. Webster 681-686
The Freshwater Naiads, Bivalvia: Unionidae, of the Blue River, a Southern Indiana Tributary of the Ohio River PDF
Charles Weilbaker, Claude D. Baker, Bill J. Forsyth, Carl M. Christenson, Ralph W. Taylor 687-692

Back Matter

Instructions for Contributors, Index PDF