Vol 95 (1985)

Table of Contents

Academy Business

News Release, House Bill, Officers, Committees, Minutes, Reports PDF
  v-xvii, 3-38
Members PDF


Necrology PDF
Fay Kenoyer Daily 39-53

President's Address

Presidential Address: Acts of God and Climatic Expectation PDF
Benjamin Moulton 66-71

Special Address

Luncheon Address: Centennial Address Given to the Indiana Academy of Science PDF
John D. Hague 61-65
Speaker of the Year Address, 1985-86: Scientific Literacy: The Missing Link PDF
Jane Butler Kahle 72-84


Abstracts PDF
Diane E. Beynon 85-88


Abstracts PDF
Austin E. Brooks 89-94
Some Algae of Hillside Seeps in Turkey Run State Park, Parke County, Indiana PDF
William A. Daily 95-98
Quick and Easy Methods for Collecting Coprophilous Fungi PDF
K. Michael Foos, Judith A. Royer 99-100
Notes on the Bryophytes of Indiana: I. Additions to the Flora PDF
Bill N. McKnight 101-106
Evidence of Genetic Recombination in Cyanidium caldarium PDF
Kenneth E. Nichols, Deborah Hall, William W. Bloom 107-110
Incorporation of a 75SE Label into Agaricus bisporus PDF
Rosemary Rodibaugh, Connie Weaver, April Mason 111-114
A Compilation of Plant Diseases and Disorders in Indiana - 1985 PDF
Gail E. Ruhl, Paul C. Pecknold, Donald H. Scott, Richard X. Latin 115-120

Cell Biology

Abstracts PDF
Robert J. Stark 121-126
Absence of Dosage Compensation in the X-linked Acid Phosphatase Gene, Ap-6 in Drosophila pseudoobscura and D. miranda PDF
Teresa R. Forsyth 127-136
Evidence for a Transplasma Membrane Electron Transport System on Intact Ehrlich Lettre Ascite Tumor Cells PDF
P. Waranimman, I. L. Sun, F. L. Crane 137-144


Abstracts PDF
Dennis G. Peters 145-150
Flow Injection Analysis: An Investigation of N-Phenylbenzohydroxamic Acid PDF
Lisa Ann Blyshak, A. J. C. L. Hogarth 151-158
Substituted Derivatives of 3a, 4, 5, 6— Tetrahydrosuccinimido[3, 4-b] Acenaphthen-10-one PDF
E. Campaigne, Richard F. Weddleton 159-166
Succinimido[3,4-b] indan-8-one Derivatives PDF
E. Campaigne, Richard F. Weddleton 167-170
Derivatization of Biomolecules for Analysis by Fast Atom Bombardment Mass Spectrometry PDF
Rick A. Flurer, Kenneth L. Busch 171-176
The Crystal and Molecular Structure of Oxysanguinarine Obtained from Sanguinaria canadensis L., Papaveraceae PDF
Scott P. Horn, Kirsten Folting, J. C. Huffman 177-182
Characterization of Some Liquid Phases for Fast Atom Bombardment Mass Spectrometry PDF
Kyle J. Kroha, Kenneth L. Busch 183-186


Abstracts PDF
Richard W. Miller 187-190
Notes on the Caddisflies of the Kankakee River in Indiana PDF
Greg R. Bright 191-194
Summer Distribution and Population Trends of Gray Catbird, Brown Thrasher and Northern Mockingbird in Indiana PDF
John S. Castrale, Leslie Donaldson 195-202
Change in Community Attributes Due to High Water Damage in Spicer Lake Nature Preserve, St. Joseph County, Indiana PDF
Lane A. Geyer, Evelyn Kirkwood 203-208
Herpetological Notes from the Buffalo Flat Natural Area PDF
Michael J. Lodato 209-216
Gap Phase Dynamics of a Mature Indiana Forest PDF
George R. Parker, Paul T. Sherwood 217-224
A Comparison of Trees and Tree Growth on Unreclaimed 1949 Indiana Coal Spoil Banks in 1964 and 1981 PDF
John Richard Schrock, Jack R. Munsee 225-246
Galls of Juncus scirpoides Formed by Livia maculipennis (Liviidae, Homoptera) PDF
Peggy J. M. Wier 247-252


Abstracts PDF
Warren W. Bowden 253-256


Abstracts PDF
James D. Haddock 257-258
Insects and Other Arthropods of Economic Importance in Indiana in 1985 PDF
Robert W. Meyer 259-264
Revision of the Checklist of Indiana Ants with the Addition of Five New Species (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) PDF
Jack R. Munsee, Wilmar B. Jansma, John R. Schrock 265-274
Epitoky in Hypogastrura (Cyclograna) horrida Yosii, 1960 (Hexapoda: Collembola: Hypogastruridae PDF
R. D. Waltz, J. W. Hart 275-276

Environmental Quality

Abstracts PDF
H. Fred Siewert 277-278
An Investigation of Phytoplankton Sedimentation in the Middle Wabash River PDF
N. J. Parke, J. R. Gammon 279-288
Monitoring Air Pollution for Its Potential Impact on Agricultural Crops in SW Indiana PDF
James E. Simon, Michael Simini, Dennis R. Decoteau, William McFee, Ken Scheeringa, James E. Newman 289-302

Geology and Geography

Abstracts PDF
Donald W. Ash 303-306
Type Section for Indian Creek Limestone Beds in the Ste. Genevieve Formation of South Central Indiana PDF
Garre A. Conner 307-312
A Birdfoot Delta in the Subsurface Pennsylvanian of Sullivan County, Indiana PDF
John B. Droste, N. Gary Lane, Christopher G. Maples 313-318
Indiana Coal Mine Information Project PDF
Paul N. Irwin, Licia A. Weber, Donald D. Carr, Walter A. Hasenmueller 319-324
Petrographic and Trace Element Characteristics of the Hymera (VI) Coal in Indiana PDF
Haydn H. Murray, Richard P. Heberton, Roland S. Merkl 325-332
Trace Elements of the Springfield (V) Coal and Characteristics of Associated Rocks PDF
Haydn H. Murray, Stephen C. Smith, Martin G. Yates 333-338
The Backbone Limestone (Lower Devonian), a Potential Reservoir in Southern Indiana PDF
John A. Rupp 339-348
Using the National Coal Resource Data System to Assist Coal Resource Investigations in Indiana PDF
Christopher E. K. Schubert, Victoria L. Warren, Walter A. Hasenmueller, Donald D. Carr 349-352

History of Science

Abstracts PDF
Gerald R. Seeley 353-354
Survey of the Lives and Careers of Three Charter Members of the Indiana Academy of Science: Theophilus A. Wylie, Richard Owen and Harvey W. Wiley PDF
Harry G. Day 355-362
Daniel Kirkwood PDF
Frank K. Edmondson 363-366
John Merle Coulter, Botanist PDF
Charles B. Heiser, Jr 367-370
The Giants of Zoology: Jordan, Eigenmann and Payne PDF
Frank N. Young 371-374
Notes on the History of the Paleontological Collection, Department of Geology, Indiana University PDF
Alan Stanley Horowitz 375-380
Charles Darwin on Animal Rights PDF
Gene Kritsky 381-384
William W. Borden and the Borden Collection PDF
N. Gary Lane 385-390

Microbiology and Molecular Biology

Abstracts PDF
Mary Lee Richeson 391-394
Staphylococci and Micrococci from the Skin of Northern Indiana Sciurids, Tamias striatus and Tamiasciurus hudsonicus PDF
Kathleen R. Billings, Kara W. Eberly 395-398
Compartmentalization of Aspartate Transcarbamylase During Division of Caulobacter crescentus PDF
Harold W. Reed, Sr. 399-402

Physics and Astronomy

Abstracts PDF
Ruth Howes 403-406
Construction and Testing of a New Atomic Physics Beam Line at the Western Michigan University Accelerator Laboratory PDF
William Andrew Hollerman 407-410

Plant Taxonomy

Abstracts PDF
Victor Riemenschneider 411-420
List of Extirpated, Endangered, Threatened and Rare Vascular Plants in Indiana: An Update PDF
James R. Aldrich, John A. Bacone, Michael A. Homoya 421-428
The Discovery of Native Rare Vascular Plants in Northern Indiana PDF
James R. Aldrich, Lee A. Casebere, Michael A. Homoya, Helene Starcs 421-428
Recent Additions to the Flora of Southern Indiana PDF
Michael A. Homoya, D. Brian Abrell 429-432
A Field Survey of the Yellowwood, Cladrastis lutea, in Brown County, Indiana PDF
Henry H. Huffman 433-442
More New Vascular Plant Distribution Records for Tippecanoe and Other Counties in Indiana PDF
John W. McCain 443-446
An Ecological Analysis of the Plant Communities of Little Bluestem Prairie Nature Preserve: Pre-burning versus Post-burning PDF
Rebecca A. Strait, Marion T. Jackson 447-452


Abstracts PDF
Robert B. Fischer 453-454
What Do "Masculine" and "Feminine" Mean in Everyday Usage? PDF
Kathryn N. Black, Michael R. Stevenson, Diane N. Villwock 455-458

Science Education

Abstracts PDF
Gary Dolph 459-462
The Park Manager's View of Environmental Interpretation as a Management Tool PDF
Ted T. Cable, Douglas M. Knudson 463-468
LEAF MARGIN: A Computer Simulation of Leaf Margin Variation in Indiana PDF
Gary E. Dolph 469-478
Developing Writing Skills in Science Classes PDF
K. Michael Foos 479-482
An Easy Method for Microinjecting India Ink into the Blood Vessels of Stage 18 to 27 Chick Embryos PDF
Alan R. Janssen, Joan Y. Kneessi, Camille M. Andrzejewski, Grayson S. Davis 483-486
Interfacing Microcomputers to Science Experiments PDF
Daniel L. Replogle, Chester A. Pinkham 487-492
Dominican Republic/Indiana 4-H Exchange: An Alternative Approach to Natural Resources Education PDF
Michael H. Stitsworth 493-498

Soil and Atmospheric Sciences

Abstracts PDF
Charles L. Rhykerd 499-502
Climatic Data Bases PDF
Jeffrey A. Andresen, Robert F. Dale 503-512
Conservation Tillage Systems for Northwest Indiana PDF
Jerry A. Thomas, Norris E. Barnett 513-518


Abstracts PDF
James R. Litton, Jr. 519-522
Avifauna as Indicators of Habitat Quality in Some Wetlands of Northern Indiana PDF
Virgil R. Holmes, Ted T. Cable, Virgil Brack, Jr 523-528
Effects of Sidestream Smoke on Pregnant Mice and their Offspring PDF
Charles E. Mays 529-536
Late Pleistocene Remains of Boreal Voles (Genera Phenacomys and Clethrionomys) from Southern Indiana Caves PDF
Ronald L. Richards 537-546
Development of Courtship Feeding in the American Goldfinch (Carduelis tristis) PDF
Doris J. Watt, Laura A. Sadowski 547-554
Geographic Distribution of Birds in Southeastern Alaska: An Analysis PDF
J. Dan Webster 555-562
The Swamp Rabbit Sylvilagus aquaticus, in Indiana, 1984-1985 PDF
John O. Whitaker, Jr, Brian Abrell 563-570
Bat Rabies in Indiana, 1965-1984 PDF
John O. Whitaker, Jr., Louis R. Douglas 571-584

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Constitution, Instructions for Contributors, Index PDF