Vol 96 (1986)

Table of Contents

Academy Business

Officers, Committees, Minutes, Reports PDF
  v-xvi, 3-43
Members PDF


Necrology PDF
Fay Kenoyer Daily 44-49

President's Address

Presidential Address: Quo Vadis or If Nobody Does Anything, Nothing Will Be Done PDF
Ernest E. Campaigne 57-60

Special Address

Speaker of the Year Address, 1986-87: Science and National Security PDF
Ruth H. Howes 61-70


Abstracts PDF
Ronald Hicks 71-74
Site Distribution and Physiographic Zones along the Big Blue River Glacial Sluiceway PDF
Frank N.. Burkett, Ronald Hicks 75-82
The 1986 IU/GBL Excavations of the Stephan-Steinkamp Site (12Po33) PDF
Sherri L. Hilgeman, Mark R. Schurr 83-90
A "Partial Cremation" from the Angel Site, Vanderburgh County, Indiana PDF
Mark R. Schurr 91-94


Abstracts PDF
Gail E. Ruhl 95-98
The Variation of Four Bioclimatic Indexes in Indiana PDF
Gary E. Dolph 99-112
Cell and Tissue Development in One and Two Year Old Culms of Arundo donax L. PDF
Jerry J. Nisbet, Marilyn Sue Veselack 113-114
A Compilation of Plant Diseases and Disorders in Indiana - 1986 PDF
Gail E. Ruhl, Donald H. Scott, Richard X. Latin, Paul C. Pecknold 115-120
Differential Sensitivity of Muskmelon and Watermelon Cultivars to Ozone-induced Foliar Injury PDF
Michael Simini, Richard G. Snyder, James E. Simon 121-128

Cell Biology

Abstracts PDF
John W. Munford 129-134
Energy Expenditure and Maximum Life Span PDF
Torsten Alvager, Thomas King 135-138
Redox-induced Proton Excretion by Cultured Carrot Cells Is Affected by Protonophores and Inhibitors of ATPase PDF
Rita Barr, Owen Martin, Jr., Frederick L. Crane 139-144
Symptomatic Therapy for Demyelinating Diseases: The Role of Basic Science PDF
Charles L. Schauf, Floyd A. Davis 145-158


Abstracts PDF
Mohammad Behforouz 159-164
Michael Addition and Derivatives of 2-Carboxamido-3-phenylindenone PDF
E. Campaigne, David Templer 165-172
Substituted Derivatives of 3a, 4, 5, 6-Tetrahydrosuccinimido[3,4-b]acenaphthen-10-one.II PDF
E. Campaigne, David Templer 173-180
Who's Teaching Chemistry in Indiana High Schools? PDF
Marie Hankins 181-184
Solution Calorimetry Studies of Hydrogen Bonding in Aliphatic Alcohols PDF
J. L. Kirsch, L. J. Lucchese 185-188
An Ab Initio Molecular Calculation on Aromatic-tetracyanoethylene Charge Transfer Complexes PDF
J. L. Kirsch, B. F. Volkman 189-196
A Study of the Coordination Compounds of Some Transition Metals with 2-amino-2-methyl-1,3-propanediol PDF
Joseph R. Siefker, Lester A. Page, Jr. 197-198


Abstracts PDF
George R. Parker 199-204
Effects of Prescribed Burning on Woody and Herbaceous Vegetation in Black Oak Sand Savannas at Hoosier Prairie Nature Preserve, Lake County, Indiana PDF
John A. Bacone, Thomas W. Post 205-208
Thirty Years of Growth Records in Donaldson's Woods PDF
James D. Barton, Damian V. Schmelz 209-214
Pesticide Use in No-till Row-crop Fields Relative to Wildlife PDF
John S. Castrale 215-222
Avian Surveys along Two River Segments in Southern Indiana PDF
John Castrale, Steve E. Backs, David Howell 223-230
Tree Regeneration Response to Clearcutting on the USFS Brownstown Ranger District PDF
B. C. Fischer, J. A. Kershaw, Jr., D. W. George, C. A. George, W. L. Mills 231-242
Indiana's Property Tax Incentive Program for Wildlife Habitat Protection PDF
David Howell, Donald E. Buckland, Roy Grimes 243-248
Abundance and Characteristics of Northern Indiana Wetlands PDF
Robert E. Rolley, Jimmy F. New 249-256
A Comparison of Surface Vegetation on Unreclaimed 1949 Indiana Coal Spoilbanks in 1964 and 1981 PDF
John Richard Schrock, Jack R. Munsee 257-272
Effects of Fire on Invasion and Community Structure of a Southern Indiana Cedar Barrens PDF
Kimberly A. Wade, Eric S. Menges 273-286


Abstracts PDF
David D. Chesak 287-288


Abstracts PDF
Gene Kritsky 289-290
Insects and Other Arthropods of Economic Importance in Indiana in 1986 PDF
Robert W. Meyer 291-296
Host Range and Geographic Distribution of Chionaspis heterophyllae Cooley and C. pinifoliae (Fitch) (Homoptera: Diaspididae) PDF
Mark H. Shour, Donald L. Schuder 297-304

Environmental Quality

Abstracts PDF
Peter Hippensteel 305-308
Summer Primary Productivity and Associated Data for Four Indiana Rivers PDF
C. Lee Bridges, H. L. BonHomme, G. R. Bright, D. E. Clark, J. K. Ray, J. L. Rud, J. L. Winters, T. E. Lauer 309-314

Geology and Geography

Abstracts PDF
Akhtar Husain Siddiqi 315-316
New Reef Structures in Daviess County, Indiana PDF
Roger F. Boneham, Thomas E. Kesler 317-320
Neuropteris Ovata in Lacustrine Facies Sequence below Raben Branch Member (Patoka Fm.) at St. Wendel, Indiana and Related Carboniferous Reconnoissance Investigations PDF
Garre A. Conner 321-332
Stream-variable Response to a Change in Surficial Geology: Middle Fork, Big Walnut Creek, Hendricks County, Indiana PDF
Paul K. Doss, David E. Grow, Robert D. Hall 333-344
Spotting Spurious Stream Names on Topographic Maps of Indiana PDF
Henry H. Gray 345-350

History of Science

Abstracts PDF
Barbara A. Seeley 351-352
The Richard Owen Geological Survey of Indiana 1859-1860 PDF
N. Gary Lane 353-360
Fernandus Payne, Educator and Scientist PDF
Frank N. Young 361-366

Microbiology and Molecular Biology

Abstracts PDF
Nancy C. Behforouz 367-370
The Use of Aniline as an Indicator of Persistence in Environmental Studies PDF
Richard M. Kline, Christopher A. Schmalz 371-376
Modification of Pyridine Nucleotide Pools in Hela Cells Grown under Growth Promoting Factors PDF
I. L. Sun, P. Navas, D. J. Morre, F. L. Crane 377-384

Physics and Astronomy

Abstracts PDF
Edward A. Vondrak 385-386
Fast-neutron-Activation Analysis of Various Water Sources of East Central Indiana PDF
Diana S. Bennett, Matthew J. Buchkowski, Cheryl A. Bye, David L. Loewenstein, David R. Ober 387-396
An Investigation of the April 1986 Chernobyl Radioactivity Releases as Detected in Muncie, Indiana PDF
William W. Wong, Cheryl A. Bye, David R. Ober 397-400

Plant Taxonomy

Abstracts PDF
John W. McCain 401-402
Cryptograms Collected by Thomas G. Lea from Indiana and Ohio, 1836-1842 PDF
Fay Kenoyer Daily 403-406
A Floristic Survey of a Limestone Glade in Versailles State Park, Ripley County, Indiana PDF
Michael A. Homoya 407-412
Natural Area Remnants within the Indiana Army Ammunition Plant, Charlestown, Indiana: The Little Bluestem Glades PDF
Richard H. Maxwell 413-420
Comparison of Groundlayer and Shrublayer Communities in Full Canopy and Light Gap Areas of Hoot Woods, Owen County, Indiana PDF
Rebecca A. Strait, Marion T. Jackson, D. Brian Abrell 421-428
The Fern Genera Vittaria and Trichomanes in Indiana PDF
George Yatskievych, Michael A. Homoya, Donald R. Farrar 429-434
A Floristic Survey of the Yellow Birch Ravine Nature Preserve, Crawford County, Indiana PDF
George Yatskievych, Kay McCrary Yatskievych 435-446


Abstracts PDF
Barbara Kane 447-448
Self-ratings of Masculinity and Femininity by High School Students PDF
Kathryn N. Black, Catherine M. Roe, Julie A. Kable 449-452
Kindling Rates in Sprague Dawley Rats as a Function of Copper and Nichrome Electrodes PDF
Martin B. Wolske, Eliza Hui Chien Lian, Curtis K. Leech 453-458

Science Education

Abstracts PDF
Walter A. Cory, Jr. 459-460
First Activities of the Physics Kind: Physical Science Activities for the Primary Grades PDF
Patricia Dodson, Ruth H. Howes 461-466
Weight Titrations: A Forgotten Art? PDF
A. J. C. L. Hogarth 467-472
Darwinism in Modern China PDF
Gene Kritsky 473-476
Nature Study: A Practical Science Course for the Non-science Major PDF
Mary Ann Morse 477-480

Soil and Atmospheric Sciences

Abstracts PDF
John T. Curran 481-482
Acid Sulfate Soils of the Mangrove Swamps of Rivers State, Nigeria PDF
E. M. Ossom, N. O. Isirimah, A. G. Ojanuga, C. L. Rhykerd 483-488
A Polar Area Index Methodology for Forecasting Hemispheric Surface Temperature Trends PDF
Albert Peterlin, James R. McIntyre, Ken L. Scheeringa, James E. Newman 489-496
The Effects of Bulk Density on Available Moisture in Selected Surface Mine Soil Materials PDF
G. C. Steinhardt, W. C. Moldenhauer, D. P. Franzmeier 497-502


Abstracts PDF
Ronald L. Richards 503-506
Winter Fishes of Stinking Fork PDF
David M. Agee, William J. Alvey, Kenneth D. Berger, Brad J. Leinenbach, Thomas H. Cervone 507-512
The Quaternary Distribution of the Eastern Woodrat, Neotoma floridana, in Indiana PDF
Ronald L. Richards 513-522
Summer Fishes of Pigeon Creek Drainage PDF
Susan J. Schulthesis, Kenneth D. Berger, Rusty K. Yeager, David M. Agee, Thomas H. Cervone 523-530
The Relation between Ovum Variability and Larval Growth in Ambystome tigrinum (Amphibia: Urodela) PDF
David M. Sever, Stephanie A. Kramer, Susan Duff 531-536
The Upland Sandpiper, Bartramia longicauda, Breeding Area in South Bend, Indiana PDF
David L. Snyder, Victor Riemenschneider, Virgil W. Inman 537-542
Food and Ectoparasites of Shrews of South Central Indiana with Emphasis on Sorex fumeus and Sorex hoyi PDF
John O. Whitaker, Jr., Wynn W. Cudmore 543-552
Fishes of Goose Pond and Its Drainage Basin PDF
Rusty K. Yeager, David S. Nichols, Susan J. Schultheis, Michael T. Galbraith, Susan E. Lenn, Thomas H. Cervone 553-558

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Instructions for Contributors, Index PDF