Vol 97 (1987)

Table of Contents

Academy Business

Officers, Committees, Minutes, Reports, Necrology, New Members for 1987 PDF
  v-xvi, 3-63

President's Address

Presidential Address: Biosensors: Recent Developments and Concerns PDF
Stanley L. Burden 67-76

Special Address

Speaker of the Year Address, 1987-88: The New Genetics: Applications and Implications for Our Future PDF
Sam Rhine 77-80
Special Address to the Junior Academy: Future Implications of Genetic Engineering PDF
John Corrigan 81-90


DePauw's Dr. Welch Honored by N.Y. Botanical Garden Publication, Remarks: Patricia K. Holmgren, Director of the Herbarium, The New York Botanical Garden PDF
Patricia K. Holmgren 91-96


Abstracts PDF
C. Michael Anslinger 97-100


Abstracts PDF
K. Michael Foos 101-104
The Effects of Inbreeding in Black Walnut PDF
Walter F. Beineke 105-108
Cyanogenesis in Woody Ornamentals PDF
John E. Ebinger, Daniel L. Bergman 109-114
The Effect of Diamide and Buthionine Sulfoximine on Glutathione Pools and Transmembrane Electron Transport by Cultured Carrot Cells PDF
Scott Pattison, Melinda Nelson, Rita Barr, Frederick L. Crane 115-120
A Compliation of Plant Diseases and Disorders in Indiana—1987 PDF
Gail E. Ruhl, Richard X. Latin, Paul C. Pecknold, Donald H. Scott 121-128

Cell Biology

Abstracts PDF
Steven T. Barefoot 129-132
An Optimized Genetic Code PDF
T. Alvager, G. Graham, D. Hutchison, J. Westgard 133-136
The Effects of Novel Growth Factors on T-Lymphocyte Proliferation PDF
E. J. Rayhel, M. Corzo, D. Svihla, R. Moore, T. Noblitt, E. Wallin, J. Layher, B. Shenk, D. A. Prentice, J. P. Hughes 137-142
The Role of Ion Channels in Plant Protoplasts PDF
C. L. Schauf, K. J. Wilson, M. E. Stockton 143-156


Abstracts PDF
Kenneth L. Busch 157-164
Mechanisms in Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry: Sputtering of Preformed Ions and Reactions of Itinerant Protons PDF
Stephen M. Brown, Kenneth L. Busch 165-170
Michael Addition, Isomerization and Derivatives of 2-Carboxamido-3,4-trimethylene-1-indenone PDF
E. Campaigne, David A. Templer 171-180
Alkylation and Isomerization of 2-Carboxamido-3-ethyl-1-indenone and 2-Carboxamido-3-ethylidine-1-indanone PDF
E. Campaigne, David A. Templer 181-188
NMR Spectroscopic and Theoretical Investigation of the Bonding in W3 (OR)93-CCH3) and Its Comparison to CO3(CO)9,(µ3-CCH3) PDF
Malcolm H. Chisholm, Brian K. Conroy, James D. Martin 189-194
Heavier Main-group Atoms as Ligands to Transition-metal Centers PDF
Malcolm H. Chisholm, Kirsten Folting, John C. Huffman, James W. Pasterczyk 195-198
Carbon-Nitrogen Bond Formation in the Reactions of Unsaturated Molecules with Mo(NMe2)4 PDF
Malcolm H. Chisholm, Charles E. Hammond, John C. Huffman 199-206
A Simple Flow Coulometric Titrimeter for the Determination of Azo-groups PDF
Allison Brashear Donaldson, A. J. C. L. Hogarth 207-214
Chromatography/SIMS: Applications to Peptides and Bile Acids PDF
Jocelyn C. Dunphy, Kenneth L. Busch 215-218
Evolution of Water Vapor from Complex Solutions of Concentrated Acids PDF
M. H. Hulbert, B. Ratcliff, N. W. Currier, G. A. Totten 219-222
Fourier Transform Infrared Studies of Halogenated Quinone Charge-transfer Complexes PDF
Joseph L. Kirsch, David Hall 223-228
Infrared Studies of Charge-transfer Complexes of Tetracyanoethylene and Substituted Aromatics PDF
Joseph L. Kirsch, Brian F. Volkman 229-234
The pH-potential Dependence of the Arsenic Electrode: A Preliminary Study PDF
Michael F. Pfister, John A. Ricketts, Todd C. Rumsey 235-242


Abstracts PDF
James R. Aldrich 243-246
Current Status of Natural Areas Listed by Lindsey, Schmelz and Nichols in Natural Areas in Indiana and their Preservation PDF
John A. Bacone, Michelle L. Martin 247-252
Coyote Vocal Responsiveness to Broadcast Auditory Stimuli in South Central Indiana PDF
Larry E. Lehman 253-256
Evidence for Potential Impact of Acid Deposition on Some Surface Waters of Extreme South Central Indiana in the Hoosier National Forest PDF
Thomas S. McComish 257-262
Woody Vegetation of Davis-Purdue Research Forest PDF
George R. Parker, Jeffrey S. Ward 263-268


Abstracts PDF
David D. Chesak 269-270


Abstracts PDF
Vivie E. Dunn 271-274
New Distribution Records for Aedes atropalpus Breeding in Tires in Indiana PDF
Vivie E. Dunn, Bradley E. Foster, Eric M. McDonald 275-278
Distribution, Checklist and Key to Adult Tiger Beetles (Coleoptera: Cicindelidae) of Indiana PDF
C. Barry Knisley, David W. Brzoska, John Richard Schrock 279-294
An Historical Analysis of Periodical Cicadas in Indiana (Homoptera: Cicadidae) PDF
Gene Kritsky 295-322
Observations of Periodical Cicadas (Brood X) in Indiana in 1987 (Homoptera: Cicadidae) PDF
Frank N. Young, Gene Kritsky 323-330

Environmental Quality

Abstracts PDF
Jack Leonard 331-332
An Assessment of Water Quality on Little and Big Duck Creeks near Elwood, Indiana PDF
Timothy J. Decker, Horst F. Siewert, Thaddeus G. Godish 333-338

Geology and Geography

Abstracts PDF
Konrad J. Bananzak 339-342
A Study of Virgilian Sediments in Coles County, Illinois—The Indian Creek Section, Mattoon Formation PDF
William F. Bandy, Jr. 343-352
The Effects of the Formation of the Wadsworth Sinkhole on the Drainage of Wadsworth and Landreth Hollows, South Central Indiana PDF
Bruce E. Bultman, Robert D. Hall 353-360
Paleontology and Paleoecology of Two Pennsylvanian Fossil Sites Near New Harmony, Indiana PDF
Daniel D. Petzold, David Hirt, N. Gary Lane, Thomas Dombrowski, Roland Merkl 361-372
Engineering Characteristics of Lacustrine Deposits Associated with Coal Strip Mining, Southwest Indiana PDF
Johnathan C. Lewis, Terry R. West 373-382
Determination of the 10,000 mg/1 TDS Surface Within the Bedrock Aquifers of Indiana PDF
John A. Rupp, Dean Pennington 383-390

History of Science

George K. Greene: An Early Indiana Fossil Collector PDF
N. Gary Lane 391-398
Clark Wissler, Artifact Collector PDF
B. K. Swartz, Jr. 399-400
Zoology at Indiana University: The Torrey Years PDF
Frank N. Young 401-408

Microbiology and Molecular Biology

Abstracts PDF
James L. Shellhaas 409-414
Alteration of a Cycanobacterial Hybrid Vector PDF
Theresa Nahreini, Betsy A. Read, Carolyn N. Vann 415-420
The Mechanism of Retinoic Acid Mediated Effects on Cell Growth and Differentiation PDF
Edna E. Sun, Iris L. Sun, Frederick L. Crane 421-430

Physics and Astronomy

Abstracts PDF
Richard L. Conklin 431-434
Historical Supernovae PDF
Theresa A. Nagy 435-440
Solution of the Asymmetric Light Curve of 00 Aquilae PDF
David A. Wynne, Theresa A. Nagy 441-446

Plant Taxonomy

Abstracts PDF
Clifton Keller 447-448
Additions to the Flora of Southern Indiana, III PDF
Michael A. Homoya 449-452
Indiana Plant Distribution Records 10/21/87 PDF
Richard H. Maxwell 453-454
Some Recent Indiana Plant Distribution Records PDF
Thomas W. Post 455-456


Abstracts PDF
Michael R. Stevenson 457-458
Attributions for Examination Success or Failure in an Undergraduate Sociology Course PDF
Deirdre R. Black, Richard T. Serpe, Kathryn N. Black 459-464
Informational Needs of Single Parents PDF
Michael R. Stevenson, Teresa L. Sites 465-468

Science Education

Abstracts PDF
Vincent A. DiNoto, Jr. 469-472

Soil and Atmospheric Sciences

Abstracts PDF
Eldon L. Hood 473-476
Interactions of Weather, Soils and Management on Corn Yields: A Case Study in Wabash County, Indiana—1983 PDF
Allen M. Featherstone, Jerald J. Fletcher, Robert F. Dale 477-488
Some Properties of Glacial Till and Till-derived Soil Horizons in East Central Indiana PDF
D. P. Franzmeier, C. A. DeHaven, W. D. Hosteter, A. K. Nickell, T. Neely, N. P. Anderson 489-496
Atmospheric Wet Deposition Relationships to Season and Precipitation in South Western Indiana PDF
R. H. Grant 497-508


Abstracts PDF
Albert A. Williams 509-512
Studies of the Habitat and Food of Sympatric Populations of Plethodon cinereus (Green) and Plethodon dorsalis Cope in South Central Parke County, Indiana PDF
Gordon A. Bausmann, John O. Whitaker, Jr. 513-524
Nesting Silver Lampreys, Ichthyomyzon unicuspis, in the Little Blue River (Southern Indiana, Crawford County, Ohio River Drainage) PDF
Scott R. Carpenter, Claude D. Baker, Bill J. Forsyth 525-526
Influence of Tillage Practices on the Diets of Deer Mice PDF
John S. Castrale, Richard T. Speer, John O. Whitaker, Jr. 527-534
A History of the Zoology Section of the Indiana Academy of Science PDF
William R. Eberly 535-536
Effects of Sidestream Smoke on Reproduction and Development of Two Inbred Murine Strains PDF
Charles E. Mays, Mark W. Lingen, Michael P. Sumida, Michael S. Willhite 537-546
The Vertebrate Collection of the Indiana State Museum: "Old" Specimens and Records PDF
Ronald L. Richards 547-570
The Dollens Mastodon (Mammut americanum) Locality, Madison County, East Central Indiana PDF
Ronald L. Richards, Donald R. Whitehead, Donald R. Cochran 571-582
Fishes of Marion County, Indiana PDF
John O. Whitaker, Jr., James R. Gammon, Douglas W. Kingsley 583-598

Back Matter

Instructions for Contributors, Index PDF