Vol 98 (1988)

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Academy Business

Officers, Committees, Minutes, Financial Report PDF
  vii-xviii, 3-44
Members PDF


Necrology PDF
Fay Kenoyer Daily 45-55

Special Address

Speaker of the Year Address, 1988-89: Industrial Minerals—A Critical Key to Economic Development PDF
Haydn H. Murray 63-70


Abstracts PDF
Ruth Brinker 71-72
Zooarchaeology at Indiana University: The Past, the Present, and the Future PDF
William R. Adams, Janis K. Kearney 73-80
The Roll Site (12-Cr-175): An Aboriginal Petroglyph in Crawford County, Indiana PDF
Donald R. Cochran, William R. Wepler 81-82
Artificial Cranial Deformation and Porotic Hyperostosis at Angel Site, Vanderburgh County, Indiana PDF
Sherrie L. Hilgeman 83-92
The Asher Branch Fish Wier, 12-MI-320 PDF
William R. Wepler, Donald R. Cochran 93-96


Abstracts PDF
Phillip Marshall 97-98
The Effects of Electron Donors on Transmembrane Ferrocyanide Reduction and Associated Proton Excretion by Cultured Carrot Cells PDF
Rita Barr, Mary Frischkorn, Michael Green, Frederick L. Crane 99-104
Sporangiophore Variability in Pilobolus PDF
K. Michael Foos, Brenda S. Jeffries 105-108
Thin Layer Chromatographic Identification of Phenol in the Glandular Secretory System of Cannabis sativa L. (Cannabaceae) PDF
Charles T. Hammond, Paul G. Mahlberg 109-116
First Report of Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus (TSWV) on Field-Grown Peppers in the Midwest PDF
R. X. Latin, G. E. Ruhl, S. T. Nameth 117-120
A Compilation of Plant Diseases and Disorders in Indiana—1988 PDF
Gail E. Ruhl, Richard X. Latin, Donald H. Scott, Paul C. Pecknold 121-128

Cell Biology

Abstracts PDF
Joan Esterline Lafuze 129-132
The Control of Cell Differentiation and Growth by Retinoic Acid may be Related to its Effect on Transplasma-Membrane Diferric Transferrin Reductase PDF
Edna E. Sun, Iris L. Sun, Frederick L. Crane 133-140


Abstracts PDF
Ben Nassim 141-144
Electrospray for Surface Derivatizations in Chromatography/SIMS PDF
Monte W. Collins, Kenneth L. Busch 145-150
Secondary Ion Mass Spectra for lodonium Salts PDF
H. H. Schurz, K. L. Busch 151-156
Modelling a Biochemical Oscillator PDF
Curtis G. Steinmetz, Raima Larter, Baltazar D. Aguda 157-168


Abstracts PDF
Craig E. Nelson 169-174
Composition and Height Growth of Natural Regeneration in a Mesic, Oak-Dominated Forest Following a Shelterwood Harvest PDF
William D. Lambert, George R. Parker 175-180
Food Habits of Salmonine Predators in Indiana Waters of Lake Michigan Comparing the Early 1970's with 1984-86 PDF
Thomas S. McComish 181-188
Sensitivity of Understory Plant Species to the Edge Environment of Isolated Woodlots in East-Central Indiana PDF
F. A. Pursell, G. R. Parker 189-196


Abstracts PDF
Charles W. Lovell 197-198


Abstracts PDF
Larry W. Bledsoe 199-200
Population and Behavior Modifications of Selected Arthropod Pests in Indiana During the 1988 Drought PDF
Timothy J. Gibb, Larry W. Bledsoe 201-206
Trypsin Activation of the Bacillus thuringiensis Delta-Endotoxin in Ostrinia nubilalis Larvae PDF
D. B. Rivers, C. N. Vann, H. L. Zimmack 207-214
Oviposition Preference and Larval Development of the Mosquito Species Aedes triseriatus (Say) in Acidic Water PDF
H. F. Siewert, S. R. Madigorsky, R. R. Pinger 215-220
Notes on Indiana Water Beetles PDF
Frank N. Young 221-224

Environmental Quality

Abstracts PDF
John Pichtel 225-228
Recent Water Quality in the Grand Calumet River as Measured by Benthic Invertebrates PDF
Greg R. Bright 229-234
A Computer Model for the Atmospheric Dispersion of Toxic Vapors Resulting from Liquid Chemical Spills PDF
Benjamin P. Miller, Howard E. Dunn 235-240
Sub-Chronic Toxicity Evaluation of Major Point Source Dischargers in the Grand Calumet River and Indiana Harbor Canal, Indiana, Using the Embryo-Larval Survival and Teratogenicity Test PDF
Thomas P. Simon 241-256
Water Quality Characterization of the Grand Calumet River Basin Using the Index of Biotic Integrity PDF
Thomas P. Simon, Greg R. Bright, Jerome Rud, James Stahl 257-266

Geology and Geography

Abstracts PDF
Thomas Miller 267-268
Relative Accuracy of Forest Cover Classification of Land Use and Land Cover Maps for Indiana PDF
Steven E. Backs, Joseph A. Stratton, Robert J. Haubry 269-272
Glacial Geology and Groundwater Flow in Northern and Central Indiana PDF
Konrad J. Banaszak 273-280
Subsurface Belt Sandstones in the Hardinsburg Formation (Late Mississippian) of Indiana PDF
John B. Droste, Alan Stanley Horowitz 281-296
Unusual Ravine Geomorphology in the Norman Upland of Southern Indiana PDF
Henry H. Gray 297-308
Temperature Anomilies During the Drought of 1988: High Daily Ranges Through Early Summer in Indianapolis, Indiana PDF
Thomas B. Williams, Sherman N. Shewmaker 309-318

History of Science

Abstracts PDF
Harry G. Day 319-320
Haurowitz and Pauling PDF
E. Campaigne 321-328
Dr. Ryland T. Brown, 1807-1890: Medical Topography, Scientific Agriculture, and Geological Surveys PDF
Wilton N. Melhorn, Steven G. Kenaga 329-346
1987—Sesquicentennial of Geology in Indiana PDF
John Barratt Patton 347-360

Microbiology and Molecular Biology

Abstracts PDF
Carolyn Vann 361-366
A Comparison of Transformation Efficiency of Hybrid Cloning Vectors pPGV5 and pTNTV in the Cyanobacteria Anacystis nidulans R2 and A. nidulans R2SPc PDF
Teri Ann Hicks, Carolyn C. Vann 367-372

Physics and Astronomy

Abstracts PDF
David R. Ober 373-378

Plant Taxonomy

Abstracts PDF
Paul E. Rothrock 379-380
Vascular Plants of Hoosier Prairie Nature Preserve, Lake County, Indiana PDF
John A. Bacone, Thomas W. Post 381-396
Distribution and Status of Bog Bluegrass (Poa paludigena) in Indiana PDF
Michael A. Homoya 397-400
Versailles State Park Revisited: Twenty Years of Change in Old-Growth Forests of Laughery Bluff and Dogwood Nature Preserves PDF
Marion T. Jackson, D. Brian Abrell 401-414


Abstracts PDF
Samuel B. Schnitzer 415-416
Sensation Seeking and Familial Alcoholism: Evidence for Developmental Differences in Two Alcoholic Subgroups PDF
Thomas D. Shazer, Samuel B. Schnitzer 417-422
Cross-Category Differences in the Availability of Perceptual and Semantic Information PDF
Walter F. Wagor 423-428

Science Education

Abstracts PDF
Vincent A. DiNoto, Jr. 429-432
Karinopteris, A Fossil Pteridosperm From the "Paper" Coal of Indiana PDF
Gary E. Dolph, Robert A. Gastaldo, William A. DiMichele, Diana M. Hunn 433-448

Soil and Atmospheric Sciences

Abstracts PDF
Ronald W. Przybylinski 449-450
Is Our Climate Warming? PDF
Robert F. Dale 451-462
Relation of Organic Matter Content to Texture and Color of Indiana Soils PDF
D. P. Franzmeier 463-472
Interactions Between Summer Storms and Photochemical Air Quality in SW Indiana PDF
R. H. Grant 473-484
Soil and Plant Analyses Research in Sahelian West Africa PDF
H. W. Ohm, R. L. Rhykerd, C. L. Rhykerd 485-488
Performance of Sweet Potato (Ipomoea batatas) as Influenced by Crop Mixture and Plant Population Density in a Tropical Forest Zone PDF
E. M. Ossom, C. L. Rhykerd 489-498
Using Artifical Intelligence to Properly Establish Alfalfa PDF
R. L. Rhykerd, C. L. Rhykerd, Jr., D. D. Jones, C. L. Rhykerd 499-502
Acid Rain Tendencies During May, June, and July 1988 in West Lafayette, Indiana PDF
Stephen J. Vavrus, John T. Snow 503-516


Abstracts PDF
John S. Castrale 517-522
Recent Population Trends and Harvests of Northern Bobwhite in Indiana PDF
John S. Castrale, Steve E. Backs, Robert E. Rolley 523-534
The Herpetofauna of Jefferson County: Analysis of an Amphibian and Reptile Community in Southeastern Indiana PDF
Daryl R. Karns 535-552
Barn Owl Food Habits in Indiana PDF
Allen R. Parker 553-560
Microtus xanthognathus and Synaptomys borealis in the Late Pleistocene of Southern Indiana PDF
Ronald L. Richards 561-570
Quaternary Occurrence of the Fisher, Martes pennanti, in Indiana PDF
Ronald L. Richards 571-580
Skeletons and the Genera of Tanagers PDF
J. Dan Webster 581-594
Bat Colonies in Indiana, with Emphasis on the Evening Bat, Nycticeius humeralis PDF
John O. Whitaker, Jr., Sherry L. Gummer 595-598

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