Vol 115, No 2 (2006)

Series of Papers from the Wabash River Symposium

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Editor, Editorial Board, Officers PDF
Indiana Academy of Science


The Wabash River Symposium PDF
Daryl R. Karns, Mark Pyron, Thomas P. Simon 79-81
Results of a Short-Term BioBlitz of the Aquatic and Terrestrial Habitats of Otter Creek, Vigo County, Indiana PDF
Daryl R. Karns, Donald D. Ruch, Robert D. Brodman, Marion T. Jackson, Paul E. Rothrock, Peter E. Scott, Thomas P. Simon, John O. Whitaker Jr. 82-88


A Brief Survey of the Rare Terrestrial Natural Communities and Associated Vascular Flora of the Wabash River Corridor in Indiana PDF
Michael A. Homoya 89-93
Forest Communities and Tree Species of the Lower Wabash River Basin PDF
Marion T. Jackson 94-102


Current Status of Freshwater Mussels (Order Unionoida) in the Wabash River Drainage of Indiana PDF
Brant E. Fisher 103-109
An Annotated List of the Aquatic Insects Collected in 2004 in the Wabash River Watershed, Indiana PDF
Paul D. McMurry Jr., Steven A. Newhouse 110-120
Present and Historic Distribution of Fishes in South Fork Wildcat Creek, Tippecanoe, Clinton and Tipton Counties, Indiana PDF
Allison K. Stephan, Charles C. Morris, Stacey L. Sobat, Kevin J. Crane 121-135
Biodiversity of Fishes in the Wabash River: Status, Indicators, and Threats PDF
Thomas P. Simon 136-148
Small Mammals of the Wabash River Bottoms PDF
John O. Whitaker Jr. 149-155
Changes in the Condition of the Wabash River Drainage from 1990-2004 PDF
Stacey L. Sobat, Charles C. Moore, Alison K. Stephan, Thomas P. Simon 156-169
Development, Calibration and Validation of an Index of Biotic Integrity for the Wabash River PDF
Thomas P. Simon 170-186


James R. Gammon: The Wabash River Man PDF
Mark Pyron 187-195

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Index, Instructions to Authors PDF