Vol 118, No 2 (2009)

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Editor, Editorial Board, Officers PDF
Indiana Academy of Science


Acetylation labeling mass spectrometry: A method for studying protein conformations and interactions PDF
Brad King, Lynne Normant, Daniel King, Daniel Storey 107-113


Vehicle impacts on vegetation cover at Camp Atterbury, Indiana, USA: Part 3. Predicting cumulative impact of a military training PDF
Alan B. Anderson, Paul D. Ayres, Heidi R. Howard, Patricia M. Sullivan, David A. Horner, Mark Faust, William R. Ochsner 114-119


Botanical inventory of Prairie Ridge State Natural Area, Jasper County, Indiana PDF
Gordon C. Tucker, Bob Edgin, Sean C. Jones, John E. Ebinger 120-133


Magnetic resonance imaging technique and peripheral nerve activities PDF
Ranjith S. Wijesinghe, Bradley J. Roth 134-138
The status of Cicindela marginipennis (Coleoptera: Carabidae) in southeastern Indiana PDF
Gene Kritsky, Beth Cortright, Michelle Duennes, Jessee Smith, Sarah Pierce 139-142
The "lost" Jordan and Hay fish collection at Butler University PDF
Carter R. Gilbert 143-186
A century of shifting fish assemblages in Wolf Lake, Illinois-Indiana PDF
Philip W. Willink 187-195
Frog pond, fish pond: Temporal co-existence of crawfish frog tadpoles and fishes PDF
John G. Palis 196-199
An historic record of the red-cockaded woodpecker in Indiana PDF
Steven G. Platt, Christopher M. Ritzi, Thomas R. Rainwater 200-202
The first records of the eastern small-footed bat (Myotis leibii) in Indiana PDF
Nickolas G. Gikas, Justin G. Boyles, Arthur A. Zurcher, Brianne L. Walters, John O. Whitaker Jr. 203-204

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Index, Instructions to Authors PDF