Vol 2 (1892)

Table of Contents

Academy Business

Officers, Committees, Constitution, By-laws, Members, Spring Meeting PDF

President's Address

The Interdependence of Liberal Pursuits PDF
J. L. Campbell 15-20

Papers Read

Analytical and Quaternon Treatments of the Problem of Sun and Planet PDF
A. S. Hathaway 20-24
Notes Concerning Tests of the Purdue Experimental Locomotive PDF
William F. M. Goss 24-25
An Inquiry as to the Cause of Variety in Rock Deposits as Seen in Hudon River Beds at Richmond, Ind. PDF
Joseph Moore 26-27
Glacial and Preglacial Erosion in Vicinity of Richmond, Ind. PDF
Joseph Moore 27-29
British Columbia Glaciers PDF
C. H. Eigenmann 29
Abstract - Two-Ocean Pass PDF
Barton W. Evermann 29-34
Grinnellia Americana PDF
M. A. Brannon 34-35
Botanical Field Work in Western Idaho PDF
D. T. MacDougal 35-37
The Application of Mathematics in Botany PDF
Katherine E. Golden 37-41
Notes on Certain Plants of Southwestern Indiana PDF
John S. Wright 41-42
Epidermis and Spines of Cactaceae PDF
E. B. Uline 42-45
The Genus Cactus PDF
E. M. Fisher 45-46
An Aunanometer for the Registration of the Growth of Stems in Thickness PDF
Katherine E. Golden 46-48
Abstract - Notes on Pediastrum PDF
W. L. Bray 49
The Lilly Herbarium and Its Work PDF
John S. Wright 50
Ancient Earthworks Near Anderson, Indiana PDF
Francis A. Walker 51-55
Abstract - Exploration in Western Canada PDF
C. H. Eigenmann 56
Abstract - The Work of the U.S. Fish Commission Steamer Albatross in the North Pacific and Bering Sea in 1892 PDF
B. W. Evermann 56-57
Early Stages in the Development of Cymatogaster PDF
Carl H. Eigenmann 58-62
The Range of the Crossbill in the Ohio Valley, With Notes on Their Unusual Occurrence in Summer PDF
A. W. Butler 63-72
The South American Cat Fishes Belonging to Cornell University PDF
E. M. Kindle 72-73
Abstracts PDF
B. W. Evermann, C. H. Eigenmann 73-81
Modern Geographical Distribution of Insects in Indiana PDF
F. M. Webster 81-88
A Partial List of New Species of Parasitic Hymenoitera Reared in Indiana PDF
F. M. Webster 89-92
The Locustidae of Indiana PDF
W. S. Blatchley 92-153
The Blattidae of Indiana PDF
W. S. Blatchley 153-165
Abstracts PDF
W. A. Noyes, W. E. Stone, H. N. McCoy 165-166
Modification of Grandeau's Method of Determination of Humus in Soils PDF
H. A. Huston, W. F. McBride 166-168
Abstract - The Extraction of Nylan from Straw in the Manufacture of Paper PDF
W. E. Stone, W. H. Test, W. A. Noyes, Clinton Dickson 168-169

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