Vol 3 (1893)

Table of Contents

Academy Business

Officers, Committees, Constitution, By-laws, Members PDF

Biological Survey

Report of the Botanical Division of the Indiana State Biological Survey PDF
Lucien M. Underwood 13-14
Special Announcement of the Division of Botany PDF
Lucien M. Underwood 14-19
Bibliography of Indiana Botany PDF
Indiana Academy of Science 20-30
List of Cryptogams at Present Known to Inhabit the State of Indiana PDF
Indiana Academy of Science 30-67
Zoology PDF
C. H. Eigenmann 67-71
Bibliography of Indiana Fishes PDF
Indiana Academy of Science 71-76
The Fishes of Indiana PDF
Carl H. Eigenmann, Charles H. Benson 76-108
Bibliography of Indiana Ornithology PDF
A. W. Butler 108-116
Notes on Indiana Birds PDF
A. W. Butler 116-120
Bibliography of Indiana Mammals PDF
B. W. Evermann, A. W. Butler 120-124
Preliminary List of Indiana Mammals PDF
Indiana Academy of Science 124-139
A Contribution to a Knowledge of Indiana Mollusca PDF
R. Ellsworth Call 140-142
Bibliography of Mollusca PDF
Indiana Academy of Science 142-145
Mollusca Species Described from Indiana PDF
Indiana Academy of Science 145-156
Geological Literature of Indiana--Stratigraphic and Economic PDF
Vernon F. Marsters, E. M. Kindle 156-191
Abstract - Suggestions for the Biological Survey PDF
John M. Coulter 191-193
The Phanerogamic Flora of Indiana PDF
Stanley Coulter 193-199
The Relations of the High Schools of Indiana to the Proposed Biological Survey PDF
W. S. Blatchley 199-204

President's Address

President's Address - The Special Senses of Plants PDF
J. C. Arthur 205-219


On the Induration of Certain Tertiary Rocks in Northeastern Arkansas PDF
R. Ellsworth Call 219-224


Abstract - On the Habits of Turtles PDF
A. W. Butler 224
On the Occurrence or Kirtland's Warbler (Dendroica kirtlandi Baird) in Indiana PDF
A. B. Ulrey 224-225
Abstracts PDF
R. Ellsworth Call, A. B. Ulrey 225-226
The Effect of Environment on the Mass of Local Species PDF
Carl H. Eigenmann 226-229
On the Fishes of Wabash County PDF
A. B. Ulrey 229-231
Abstract - Variations in the Color-Pattern of Etheostoma Caprodes PDF
W. J. Moenkhaus 231-232
Some Queries Relative to a Supposed Variety of Solanum Dulcamara PDF
R. W. McBride 232-233
Abstracts PDF
John S. Wright, E. W. Olive 233-234
Growth in Length and Thickness of the Petiole of Richardia PDF
Katherine E. Golden 235-237
Notes on Saprolegnia Ferax PDF
George L. Roberts 237-239
Abstract - Contributions to the Life-History of Notothylas PDF
D. M. Mottier 239
The Ash of Trees PDF
Mason B. Thomas 239-254
Our Present Knowledge of the Distribution of Pteridophytes in Indiana PDF
Lucien M. Underwood 254-258
The Adventitious Plants of Fayette County, Ind. PDF
Robert Hessler 258-262
Abstract - Some Evolution Among Cacti PDF
John M. Coulter 262

Physics and Chemistry

Permanganic Acid PDF
Thomas C. Van Nuys, Sherman Davis 262-264
Detection of Hydrocyanic Acid in Traces PDF
Thomas C. Van Nuys, Sherman Davis 265-266
Abstract - 1.4 Diamino-Cyclohexane PDF
W. A. Noyes, H. H. Ballard 266
On a Case of Stereo-Isomerism in the Hydrazones of Benzoin PDF
Alexander Smith 266-267
Abstracts PDF
W. A. Noyes 267-268
The Absorption of Poison by Dead Animal Tissue PDF
P. S. Baker 268
Abstracts PDF
T. Gray 268-270
The Value of the Steam Pipe Within the Smoke Box of a Locomotive, as a Means of Superheating PDF
William F. M. Goss 271-273
An Experimental Study of the Action of the Counterbalance in Locomotive Drive Wheels PDF
William F. M. Goss 273-274
Abstract - The Columbian Museum PDF
John M. Coulter 274

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Index PDF