Vol 4 (1894)

Table of Contents

Academy Business

Officers, Committees, Constitution, By-Laws, Members, Tenth Annual Meeting PDF

President's Address

Lavoisier PDF
W. A. Noyes 17-27

Papers Read

Some Factors in the Distribution of Gleditschia Triacanthos, and Other Trees PDF
Ernest Walker 27-33
A New Biological Station and Its Aim PDF
C. H. Eigenmann 34-35
The Functions of the Spinal Cord from a Clinical Study PDF
George A. Talbert 35-39
The Purdue Engineering Laboratory Since the Restoration PDF
William F. M. Goss 39-40
Abstract - Method of Determining Sewage Pollution of Rivers PDF
Charles C. Brown 40-42
Abstract - Interesting Deposit of Alumina Oxyhydrate PDF
George W. Benton 43
Observations on the Glacial Drift of Jasper County PDF
A. H. Purdue 43-46
Concerning a Burial Mound Recently Opened in Randolph County PDF
Joseph Moore 46-47
A Florida Shell Mound PDF
U. F. Glick 48-49
A Note on Rock Flexure PDF
E. M. Kindle 49-50
Abstracts PDF
H. A. Huston, W. E. Stone, D. Lotz 51-52
Dip of the Keokuk Rocks at Bloomington, Indiana PDF
E. M. Kindle 52-53
Wave Marks on Cincinnati Limestone PDF
W. P. Shannon 53-54
Extinct Fauna of Lake County PDF
T. H. Ball 54-57
Abstracts PDF
R. Ellsworth Call 57-58
The Swamps of Franklin County PDF
M. H. Stoops 58-60
Water Culture Methods with Indigenous Plants PDF
D. T. MacDougal 60-61
Work Shelves for Laboratory PDF
Katherine E. Golden 61-62
Abstract - New Apparatus for Vegetable Physiology PDF
J. C. Arthur 62-64
Collections of Plants Made During 1894 PDF
M. B. Thomas 65-66
Abstracts PDF
Stanley Coulter, Lucien M. Underwood 66-67
Value of Seed Characters in Determining Specific Rank PDF
Indiana Academy of Science 67-68
Preliminary List of the Birds of Brown County PDF
E. M. Kindle 68-73
Notes on the Birds of 1894 PDF
A. W. Butler 73-80
The Mammals of Indiana PDF
A. W. Butler 81-86
Some Cases of Mimicry in Fishes PDF
W. J. Moenkhaus 86
Leuciscus Balteatus Richardsonius, a Study in Variation PDF
Carl H. Eigenmann 87-99
Observations upon Some Oklahoma Plants PDF
E. W. Olive 100-103
Saxifragaceae in Indiana PDF
Stanley Coulter 103-107
The Range of the Blue Ash, Fraxinus Quadrangulata PDF
W. P. Shannon 107-108
Abstract - Botanical Products of the United States Pharmacopeia, 1890 PDF
John S. Wright 108-119
Methods of Infiltrating and Staining in Toto the Heads of Vernonia PDF
E. H. Heacock 120-121
Certain Chemical Features in the Seeds of Plantago Virginica and P. Patagonica PDF
Alida M. Cunningham 121-123
Root System of Pogonia PDF
M B. Thomas 123-126
Notes on Florideae PDF
George W. Martin 127-129
The Buckeye Canoe of 1840 PDF
W. P. Shannon 130-131
Some Notes on the Amoeba PDF
A. J. Bigney 131-132
Abstracts PDF
L. M. Underwood 132-133
Cell Structure of Cyanophyceae PDF
George W. Martin 133-134
Embryology of the Frog PDF
A. J. Bigney 135-136
Poisonous Influence of Various Species of Cypripedium PDF
D. T. MacDougal 136-137
Abstracts PDF
C. H. Eigenmann, J. C. Arthur 138
Abstracts PDF
R. Ellsworth Call 139-143

Biological Survey

Report of the Botanical Division of the Indiana State Biological Survey for 1894 PDF
Lucien M. Underwood 144-147
List of Additions to the State Flora PDF
Indiana Academy of Science 147-153
Additional List of Host Plants of Fungi, 1894 PDF
Indiana Academy of Science 153-154
Notes on the Species Reported Previously PDF
Indiana Academy of Science 154
List of Parasitic Fungi Distributed by the Indiana Biological Survey PDF
Indiana Academy of Science 154-156
Flora of Hamilton and Marion Counties, Indiana PDF
Guy Wilson 156-176

Back Matter

Index PDF