Vol 7 (1897)

Table of Contents

Academy Business

Acts, Officers, Committees, Officers, Constitution, By-Laws, Members, In Memoriam, Foreign Correspondents, Program and Report of the 13th Annual Meeting, Field Meeting of 1897 PDF

President's Address

The Development of Electrical Science PDF
Thomas Gray 35-55

General Subjects

Lake Maxinkuckee Soundings PDF
J. T. Scovell 56-59
Photometric Measurements of Different Samples of Oil PDF
Charles T. Knipp 59-61
Pure Yeast in Bread PDF
Katherine E. Golden 62-64
Abstract - A New Laboratory and Its Work PDF
Robert Hessler 65-67
A Case of Microcephaly PDF
D. W. Dennis 68-73
Abstract - The Relation of Geography to Natural Science and to Education PDF
Charles R. Dryer 73
The Susceptibility of Different Starches to Digestive Ferments PDF
W. E. Stone 74-78
A New Photo-Micrographic Apparatus PDF
A. W. Bitting 78-80

Mathematical and Physical Subjects

An Infinite System of Forms, Satisfying the Requirements of Hilbert's Law PDF
J. A. Miller 80-84
Abstracts PDF
A. Wilmer Duff 84-90
Preliminary Results by a New Method for the Study of Impact PDF
A. W. Duff, J. B. Meyer 90-95
Abstracts PDF
Arthur L. Foley 95-103
Note on Charles Smith's Definition of Multiplication PDF
Robert J. Aley 103
Collinear Sets of Three Points Connected With the Triangle PDF
Robert J. Aley 104-111
On the Reduction of Irrational Algebraic Integrals to Rational Algebraic Integrals PDF
John B. Faught 112-117
Alternate Processes PDF
Arthur S. Hathaway 117-127
A New Form of Galvanometer PDF
J. Henry Lendi 127-130
Note on Some Experiments to Determine the Ratio Between the Elastic Limit in Tension and in Flexure for Soft Steel PDF
W. K. Hatt 130-131
Note on Compressive Strength of Wrought Iron PDF
W. K. Hatt 131-132

Chemical and Bacteriological Subjects

Abstract - Camphoric Acid PDF
W. A. Noyes 132
Certain Combustion Products of Natural Gas PDF
P. N. Evans 133-134
Evolution of Free Nitrogen in Bacterial Fermentations. A Preliminary Paper on the Composition of the Gas Evolved in Bacterial Fermentations PDF
A. Hugh Bryan, Severance Burrage 134-137
Micro-Organisms in Flour PDF
Carleton G. Ferris 137-143
The Number of Micro-Organisms in Air, Water and Milk as Determined by Their Growth Upon Different Media PDF
A. W. Bitting 143-144

Botanical Subjects

The Effect of Formalin on Germinating Seeds PDF
M. B. Thomas 144-148
A List of the Mycetozoa Collected Near Crawfordsville, Indiana PDF
E. W. Olive 148-150
The Germ of Pear Blight PDF
Lillian Snyder 150-156
Water Power for Botanical Apparatus PDF
J. C. Arthur 156-157
Contributions to the Flora of Indiana, No. V PDF
Stanley Coulter 158-165
Abstract - Experiments in Germination of Composites PDF
Stanley Coulter 165-166
The Ericaceae of Indiana PDF
Alida Mabel Cunningham 166-168
Indiana's Gentianaceae PDF
Alida Mabel Cunningham 168-170
Inarching of Oak Trees PDF
John S. Wright 171-172
Notes on the Cypress Swamps of Knox County, Indiana PDF
John S. Wright 172-175

Zoological Subjects

Some Indiana Crow Roosts PDF
A. W. Butler 175-178
Notes on Crow Roosts of Western Indiana and Eastern Illinois PDF
John S. Wright 178-180
Brunnich's Guillemot (Uria Lomvia) an Addition to the Birds of Indiana PDF
A. W. Butler 180-183
Notes on the Birds Observed in the Vicinity of Richmond, Wayne County, Indiana PDF
Alden H. Hadley 183-198
Notes on Indiana Heronries PDF
A. W. Butler 198-201
The Recent Occurrence of the Raven in Indiana PDF
A. W. Butler 201-202
Abstract - Description of New Facial Muscles in Anura, With New Observations on the Nasal Muscles of Salamandridae PDF
Henry L. Bruner 203
A Rare Species of Bascanion (B. Ornatum) PDF
Henry L. Bruner 204-205
Abstracts PDF
Henry L. Bruner, Mae Woldt 205-206
An Instance of Bird Ferocity PDF
Glenn Culbertson 206-207
Material for the Study of the Variation of Etheostoma Caprodes Rafinesque and Etheostoma Nigrum Rafinesque in Turkey Lake and Tippecanoe Lake PDF
W. J. Moenkhaus 207-228
Abstracts PDF
C. H. Eigenmann 229-231
Abstract - Notes on the Embryology of Paragordius (Gordius) Varius (Leidy) PDF
Albert B. Ulrey 232-233

Geological Subjects

"Quicksand Pockets" in the "Blue Clay" of South Bend PDF
W. M. Whitten 234-340
The Cady Marsh PDF
T. H. Ball 240-242
Preliminary Work for the Approximate Determination of the Time Since Retreat of the First Great Ice Sheet PDF
Glenn Culbertson 242-243
Note on Fault Structure in Indiana PDF
George H. Ashley 244-250
Abstract - A Geological Section Across Southern Indiana From Hanover to Vincennes PDF
J. F. Newsom 250-253
The Knobstone Group in the Region of New Albany PDF
J. F. Newsom 253-256
The Upper Limit of the Knobstone in the Region of Borden PDF
Lee H. Jones 257-258
Four Comparative Cross Sections of the Knobstone Group of Indiana PDF
L. F. Bennett 258-262
Notes on Indiana Geology PDF
J. A. Price 262-266
An Old River Channel in Spencer County, Indiana PDF
Arthur C. Veatch 266-272

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Index PDF