Vol 8 (1898)

Table of Contents

Academy Business

Acts, Officers, Committees, Constitution, By-Laws, Members, In Memoriam, Foreign Correspondents, Program and Report of 14th Annual Meeting, Field Meeting of 1898 PDF

President's Address

President's Address PDF
C. A. Waldo 35-53

General Subjects

Woollen's Garden of Birds and Botany PDF
W. W. Woollen 53-55
Plans for the New Buildings of the Biological Station PDF
Carl H. Eigenmann 55-58
Explorations in the Caves of Missouri and Kentucky PDF
Carl H. Eigenmann 58-61
Notes on Indigestible Structures in Articles of a Vegetable Diet PDF
John S. Wright 62
Some Field Experiments With Formalin PDF
Mason B. Thomas 62-64
The Resistance of Cereal Smuts to Formalin and Hot Water PDF
William Stuart 64-70
Lake Maxinkuckee PDF
J. T. Scovell 70-71
Abstract - An Elevated Beach and Recent Coastal Plain Near Portland, ME. Notes of an Excursion With a Party Under Conduct of Prof. Wm. M. Davis, July 1898. PDF
William A. McBeth 72
A Vesuvian Cycle PDF
C. A. Waldo 72-74
Abstract - X-Ray Transparency PDF
Arthur L. Foley 74-75
The Trouble With Indiana Roads PDF
Daniel B. Luten 75-80

Mathematical and Physical Subjects

Some Tests on Ball Bearings PDF
M. J. Golden 80-82
Abstracts PDF
A. Wilmer Duff, Arthur Kendrick 82-87
A Common Text-Book Error in the Theory of Envelopes PDF
A. S. Hathaway 88
A New Triangle and Some of Its Properties PDF
Robert Judson Aley 89-91
Note on Angel's Method of Inscribing Regular Polygons PDF
Robert Judson Aley 92-93
Concurrent Sets of Three Lines Connected With the Triangle PDF
Robert Judson Aley 93-100
Note on "Note on Smith's Definition of Multiplication" PDF
A. L. Baker 101
The Geometry of Simson's Line PDF
C. E. Smith 101-117
A Bibliography of Foundations of Geometry PDF
Morton Clark Bradley 117-119
Point-Invariants for the Lie Groups of the Plane PDF
David A. Rothrock 119-135
Differential Invariants Derived from Point-Invariants PDF
David A. Rothrock 135-147
Performance of the Twenty-Million-Gallon Snow Pumping Engine of the Indianapolis Water Company PDF
W. F. M. Goss 147-149
Tests to Determine the Efficiency of Locomotive Boiler Coverings PDF
W. F. M. Goss 149-151
The Leonids of 1898 PDF
John A. Miller 151-153
A Linear Relation Between Certain of Klein's X Functions and Sigma Functions of Lower Division Value PDF
John A. Miller 154-157
A Formula for the Deflection of Car Bolsters PDF
W. K. Hatt 157-159

Chemical Subjects

Abstracts PDF
W. A. Noyes, J. W. Shepherd 160
Iodine Absorption of Linseed Oil PDF
P. N. Evans, J. O. Meyer 160-163

Botanical Subjects

Some Desmids of Crawfordsville PDF
Mason B. Thomas 163-164
Abstracts PDF
David M. Mottier 164-169
Absorption of Water by Decorticated Stems PDF
G. E. Ripley 169-174
Indiana Plant Rusts, Listed in Accordance With Latest Nomenclature PDF
J. C. Arthur 174-186
The Uredineae of Madison and Noble Counties, With Additional Specimens from Tippecanoe County PDF
Lillian Snyder 186-189
Aspergillus Oryzae (Ahlburg) Cohn PDF
Katherine E. Golden 189-201
A Red Mould PDF
Ralph Gilson Curtis 202-208
Affinities of the Mycetozoa PDF
Edgar W. Olive 209-212
Morphological Characters of the Scales of Cuscuta PDF
Alida M. Cunningham 212-213
Geographical Distribution of the Species of Cuscuta in North America PDF
Alida M. Cunningham 214-215
Notes on the Germination and Seedlings of Certain Native Plants PDF
Stanley Coulter 215-222

Zoological Subjects

Formalin as a Reagent in Blood Studies PDF
Ernest I. Kizer 222-223
Species of Diptera Reared in Indiana During the Years 1884 to 1890 PDF
F. M. Webster 224-225
Distribution of Broods XXII, V and VIII, of Cicada Septendecim, in Indiana PDF
F. M. Webster 225-227
Some Insects Belonging to the Genus Isosoma, Reared or Captured, in Indiana PDF
F. M. Webster 227
Abstracts PDF
T. H. Ball, H. L. Bruner 227-229
Note on the Aberrant Follicles in the Ovary of Cymatogaster PDF
George L. Mitchell 229-232
Material for the Study of the Variation of Pimephales Notatus (Rafinesque), in Turkey Lake and in Shoe and Tippecanoe Lakes PDF
J. H. Voris 233-239
Abstract - Preliminary Note Upon the Arrangement of Rods and Cones in the Retina of Fishes PDF
C. H. Eigenmann, George Hansell 239
Degeneration in the Eyes of the Amblyopsidae, Its Plan, Process and Causes PDF
Carl H. Eigenmann 239-241
The Ear and Hearing of the Blind-Fishes PDF
Albert C. Yoder, Carl H. Eigenmann 242-247
A Case of Convergence PDF
Carl H. Eigenmann 247-251
Abstracts PDF
Carl H. Eigenmann, W. A. Denny 251-253
The Blind Rat of Mammoth Cave PDF
Carl H. Eigenmann, James Rollin Slonaker 253-257

Geological Subjects

The Geologic Relations of Some St. Louis Group Caves and Sinkholes PDF
M. N. Elrod 258-267
Jug Rock PDF
Charles R. Dryer 268-269
The Meanders of the Muscatatuck at Vernon, Indiana PDF
Charles R. Dryer 270-273
Old Vernon--A Geographical Blunder PDF
Charles R. Dryer 273-274
Terraces of the Lower Wabash PDF
J. T. Scovell 274-277
The Kankakee Valley PDF
H. T. Montgomery 277-282
Notes on the Eastern Escarpment of the Knobstone Formation in Indiana PDF
Lee F. Bennett 283-287
An Old Shoreline PDF
D. W. Dennis 288
Two Cases of Variation of Species With Horizon PDF
D. W. Dennis 288-289
Abstract - Notes on the Distribution of the Knobstone Group in Indiana PDF
J. F. Newsom, J. A. Price 289-291
Some Indiana Mildews PDF
M. A. Brannon 291-296

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Index PDF