Vol 9 (1899)

Table of Contents

Academy Business

Acts, Officers, Committees, Constitution, By-Laws, Members, Foreign Correspondents, Program and Report of the 15th Annual Meeting, Field Meeting of 1899 PDF

President's Address

Degeneration in the Eyes of the Cold-Blooded Vertebrates of the North American Caves PDF
C. H. Eigenmann 31-46


The Florida Gopher PDF
William B. Fletcher 46-52
Libraries of Microscopical Slides PDF
A J. Bigney 52-53
A Method of Registration for Anthropological Purposes PDF
Amos W. Butler 53-54
Aids in Teaching Physical Geography PDF
V. F. Marsters 54-60
Some Preliminary Notes on the Hygienic Value of Various Street Pavements as Determined by Bacteriological Analyses PDF
Severance Burrage, D. B. Luten 61-67
Insects as Factors in the Spread of Bacterial Diseases PDF
Severance Burrage 68-75
House Boats for Biological Work PDF
Ulysses O. Cox 75-77

Mathematics and Physics

Tests on Some Ball and Roller Bearings PDF
M. J. Golden 77-83
Bearing-Testing Dynamometer PDF
M. J. Golden 83-85
A Proposed Notation for the Geometry of the Triangle PDF
Robert J. Aley 86-87
Some Circles Connected With the Triangle PDF
Robert J. Aley 88-89
The Point P and Some of Its Properties PDF
Robert J. Aley 90-93
Abstract - Diamond Fluorescence PDF
Arthur L. Foley 94-95
Some Experiments on Locomotive Combustion PDF
J. W. Shepherd 96-97


Some Ionization Experiments PDF
P. N. Evans 98-102
Synthesis of 2.3,3--Trimethyl Cyclo-Pentanone, A Cyclic Derivative of Camphor PDF
W. A. Noyes 103


Contributions to the Flora of Indiana, VI PDF
Stanley Coulter 104-110
A List of Plants Collected at Cedar, Shriner and Round Lakes PDF
C. C. Deam 110-112
Some Unrecognized Forms of Native Trees PDF
Stanley Coulter 112-116
The Resin Ducts and Strengthening Cells of Abies and Picea PDF
Herman B. Dorner 116-129
A Proteolytic Enzyme of Yeast PDF
Katherine E. Golden 129-140
Saccharomyces Anomalus Hansen(?) PDF
Katherine E. Golden 141-144
Some Problems in Corallorhiza PDF
M. B. Thomas 145
The Disappearance of Sedum Ternatum PDF
M. B. Thomas 145


A Preliminary Report on the Eye of the Mole (Scalops Aquaticus Machrinus) PDF
James Rollin Slonaker 146-149
Notes on Indiana Birds PDF
Amos W. Butler 149-151
Biological Conditions of Round and Shriner Lakes, Whitley County, Ind. PDF
E. B. Williamson 151-155


The Physical Geography of the Region of the Great Bend of the Wabash PDF
William A. McBeth 156-161
An Interesting Bowlder PDF
William A. McBeth 162-163
Headwaters of Salt Creek in Porter County PDF
L. F. Bennett 164-166
The Weathering and Erosion of North and South Slopes PDF
Glenn Culbertson 167-170
A Cranium of Castoroides Found at Greenfield, Ind. PDF
Joseph Moore 171-173
On the Waldron Fauna at Tarr Hole, Indiana PDF
Edgar R. Cumings 174-176
The Stream Gradients of the Lower Mohawk Valley PDF
Edgar R. Cumings 176-178
Skull of Fossil Bison PDF
W. G. Middleton, Joseph Moore 178-182

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Index PDF