Vol 10 (1900)

Table of Contents

Academy Business

Acts, Officers, Committees, Principal officers since organization, Constitution, By-Laws, Members, List of foreign correspondents, Annual Meeting, Reports PDF

President's Address

President's address: Photomicrography as it May be Practiced To-Day PDF
D. W. Dennis 34-71


The Leonids of 1900 PDF
John A. Miller 73-74
Abstracts PDF
Robert Hessler 74-81
A Shell Gorget Found near Spiceland, Ind. PDF
Joseph Moore 81-82
A Harbor at the South End of Lake Michigan PDF
J. L. Campbell 83-85

Mathematics and Physics

Some Properties of the Symmedian Point PDF
Robert J. Aley 85-88
Note on McGinnis's Universial Solution PDF
Robert J. Aley 88-90
Authors Without Text PDF
Robert J. Aley, Charles T. Knipp, C. A. Waldo, John A. Newlin 90-91
The Cyclic Quadrilateral PDF
J. C. Gregg 91-94
Note on the Determination of Vapor Densities PDF
Charles T. Knipp 95-97
Abstracts PDF
A. L. Foley, R. E. Nyswander 97-99
Authors Without Text PDF
S. C. Davisson 99
The Friction of Railway Brake Shoes under Various Conditions of Speed, Pressure and Temperature PDF
Richard A. Smart 100-103
Abstracts PDF
A. L. Foley 103
A Theorem in the Theory of Numbers PDF
Jacob Westlund 103-104
On the Decomposition of Prime Numbers in a Biquadratic Number-Field PDF
Jacob Westlund 105-109
Abstracts PDF
Arthur Kendrick 109-110
Some Observations with Rayleigh's Alternate Current Phasemeter PDF
E. S. Johonnott, Jr. 110-115


A Demonstration Apparatus PDF
P. N. Evans 115-116
Methylation of Halogenamides with Diazomethane PDF
James H. Ransom 116-119
Note on the Apparent Deterioration of Formalin PDF
Thomas Large 119-120


Abstracts PDF
John S. Wright 120-121
Cryptogamic Collections Made During the Year PDF
M. B. Thomas 121-123
Experiments with Smut PDF
M. B. Thomas 123-124
The Flora of Lake Maxinkuckee PDF
J. T. Scovell 124-131
Generic Nomenclature of the Cedar Apples PDF
J. C. Arthur 131-136
Additions to the Flora of Indiana PDF
Stanley Coulter 136-143
Some Midsummer Plants of Southeastern Tennessee PDF
Stanley Coulter 143-147
A Study of the Constituents of Corn Smut PDF
William Stuart 148-152
Abstracts PDF
William Stuart 153-157
Authors Without Text PDF
Katherine E. Golden 157
Description of Certain Bacteria Obtained from Nodules of Various Leguminous Plants PDF
Severance Burrage 157-161
A Few Mycological Notes for July and August, 1900—Wells and Whitley Counties PDF
E. B. Williamson 161-165


Authors Without Text PDF
T. H. Ball 165
Abstracts PDF
C. H. Eigenmann 165-166
The Mounting of the Remains of Megalonyx Jeffersoni from Henderson, Kentucky PDF
C. H. Eigenmann 166
Abstracts PDF
C. H. Eigenmann 166-167
Authors Without Text PDF
L. J. Rettger 167
Some Observations of the Daily Habits of the Toad PDF
J. R. Slonaker 167-170
The Methods and Extent of the Illinois Ichthyological Survey PDF
Thomas Large 170-172
Additions to the Indiana Lists of Dragon-Flies, with a Few Notes PDF
E. B. Williamson 173-178

Geology and Geography

Abstracts PDF
C. R. Dryer 178
Spy Run and Poinsett Lake Bottoms PDF
J. A. Price, Albert Shaaf 179-181
Abandoned Meanders of Spy Run Creek PDF
J. A. Price, Albert Shaaf 181-184
The Development of the Wabash Drainage System and the Recession of the Ice Sheet in Indiana PDF
Wm. A. McBeth 184-192
A Theory to Explain the Western Indiana Bowlder Belts PDF
Wm. A. McBeth 192-194
Aids in Teaching Physical Geography PDF
V. F. Marsters 194-197
River Bends and Bluffs PDF
Wm. M. Heiney 197-200
Notes on the Ordovician Rocks of Southern Indiana PDF
Edgar R. Cumings 200-215
Some Developmental Stages of Orthothetes minutus N. Sp. PDF
Edgar R. Cumings 216-218
The Cold-Blooded Vertebrates of Winona Lake and Vicinity PDF
E. E. Ramsey 218-224

Back Matter

Index, 1900 PDF
Index of proceedings 1801-1900 (Inclusive) PDF