Vol 11 (1901)

Table of Contents

Academy Business

Acts, Officers, Committees, Principal officers since organization, In Memoriam, Constitution, By-Laws, Members, List of foreign correspondents, Annual Meeting, Reports PDF

President's Address

President's Address: Forestry in Indiana PDF
Mason B. Thomas 33-54


Correlation of Forestry and the Sciences PDF
W. H. Freeman 54-58
The Relation of Scientific Organizations to Manufacturers PDF
R. B. Polk 58-61
Mounds and Burial Grounds of Bartholomew County, Indiana PDF
J. J. Edwards 62-63
Microscopic Organisms Found in the Lafayette, Indiana, Reservoir PDF
Severance Burrage 63-65

Mathematics, Physics and Astronomy

Physical Observations of Mars at the Opposition of 1901 PDF
W. A. Cogshall 65-70
A Problem in Geometry PDF
J. A. Cragwall 71
Investigations in the Electro-deposition of Platinum PDF
J. A. Cragwall 71-75
Note on Some Experimental Work with a New Form of Pressure Regulator PDF
Wm. K. Hatt 76-80
Elastic Changes in Bars of Nickel Steel PDF
Wm. K. Hatt 81-84
Kirkwood Observatory PDF
J. A. Miller 85-87
Authors Without Text PDF
J. A. Miller 87
A Theorem in Geometry PDF
J. C. Gregg 87
A Simple Proof that the Medians of a Triangle Concur PDF
J. C. Gregg 88
Abstracts PDF
C. T. Knipp 88-89
Authors Without Text PDF
U. S. Hanna, R. J. Aley 89


Zoological Survey of Minnesota PDF
U. O. Cox 89-93
The Culture of Amoeba PDF
A. J. Bigney 93
Protective Coloring of Terns PDF
A. J. Bigney 94
Effect of Pressure on Developing Eggs PDF
A. J. Bigney 95-96
The Eye of Palæmonetes Antrorum. PDF
E. M. Neher 96-101
Abstracts PDF
C. H. Eigenmann 101-107
Zoological Miscellany PDF
C. H. Eigenmann 107-112
Author Without Text PDF
C. H. Eigenmann, Clarence Kennedy 113
The Spinning of the Egg-sac in Lycosa PDF
W. J. Moenkhaus 113-114
Abstracts PDF
W. J. Moenkhaus 114
An Aberrant Etheostoma PDF
W. J. Moenkhaus 115-116
Maps of Winona, Pike and Center Lakes PDF
A. A. Norris 117
The Mollusca of Winona Lake PDF
A. A. Norris 118-119
The Dragonflies of Winona Lake PDF
E. B. Williamson 119-127
The Flora of Eagle Lake and Vicinity PDF
H. W. Clark 128-192
Plant Ecology of the Winona Lake Region PDF
Lucy Youse 192-204

Geology and Geography

Niagara Group Unconformities in Indiana PDF
M. N. Elrod 205-215
Abstracts PDF
F. J. Breeze 215-216
Concerning a Series of Well-defined Ripple Marks in the Hudson River Group, Richmond, Indiana PDF
Joseph Moore, A. D. Hole 216-220
Abstracts PDF
J. W. Beede 221-222
Topography and Geography of Bean Blossom Valley, Monroe County, Indiana PDF
V. F. Marsters 222-237
Wabash River Terraces in Tippecanoe County, Indiana PDF
Wm. A. McBeth 237-243
History of Wea Creek, Tippecanoe County. Indiana PDF
Wm. A. McBeth 244-247
Paleontology of Bartholomew County, Indiana, Mammalian Fossils PDF
J. J. Edwards 247-248


Organic Acid Phosphides PDF
P. N. Evans 248-249
Adsorption of Dissolved Substances PDF
P. N. Evans 249-252
The Determination of Manganese in Iron and Steel PDF
W. A. Noyes, G. H. Clay 252-253
A New Hydroxy-dihydro-alpha-Campholytic Acid PDF
W. A. Noyes, A. M. Patterson 253


Abstracts PDF
John S. Wright 254
Notes on Apple Rusts PDF
H. Whetzel 255-261
Notes on the Genus Stemonitis PDF
H. Whetzel 261-266
Vegetation of Abandoned Rock Quarries PDF
Mel T. Cook 266-272
Germinative Power of Conidia of Aspergillus Oryzæ PDF
Mary F. Hiller 272-275
Spore Resistance of Loose Smut of Wheat to Formalin and Hot Water PDF
Wm. Stuart 275-282
Some Additions to the Flora of Indiana PDF
Wm. Stuart 282-284
Effect of Composition of Soil Upon the Minute Structure of Plants PDF
Herman B. Dorner 284-290
A Collection of Myxomycetes PDF
Fred Mutchler 291-292
A Study of the Histology of the Wood of Certain Species of Pines PDF
Katherine E. Golden 292-297
Contributions to the Flora of Indiana PDF
Stanley Coulter 297-303

Back Matter

Index, 1901 PDF