Vol 12 (1902)

Table of Contents

Academy Business

Acts, Officers, Committees, Principal officers since organization, In Memoriam, Constitution, By-Laws, Members, List of foreign correspondents, Annual Meeting, Reports PDF

President's Address

President's Address: Ye Shall Know Them by Their Fruits PDF
Harvey W. Wiley 33-53


Transmissible Diseases in College Towns PDF
Severance Burrage 53-56
Sewage Disposal at the Indiana State Reformatory at Plainfield PDF
Severance Burrage 56-62
Some Recent Mound Investigations in Jefferson County, Indiana PDF
Glenn Culbertson 62-65
The Water Supply of Havana, Cuba PDF
C. H. Eigenmann 65-67
Naezhosh, or the Apache Pole Game PDF
Albert B. Reagan 68-71

Mathematics and Physics

Geodesic Lines on the Syntractrix of Revolution PDF
E. L. Hancock 72-75
Author Without Text PDF
O. E. Glenn 75
Motion of a Bicycle on a Helix Track PDF
O. E. Glenn 75-78
A Generalization of Fermat's Theorem PDF
Jacob Westlund 78-79
Author Without Text PDF
Jacob Westlund 79
Photographic Observations of Comet c. 1902 PDF
J. A. Miller 80

Botany and Zoology

The Genus Puccinia PDF
J. C. Arthur 81-83
Forestry Conditions in Montgomery County, Indiana PDF
S. J. Record 84-93
Notes on the Cleavage Plane in Stems and Falling Leaves PDF
Mary A. Hickman 93-95
Some Rare Indiana Birds PDF
A. W. Butler 95-99
The Catalpa Sphinx, Ceratomia catalpae, Destroyed by the Yellow-Billed Cuckoo, Coccyzus amerlcanus, in Southern Indiana PDF
F. M. Webster 99-101
Notes on Reared Hymenoptera from Indiana PDF
F. M. Webster 101-103
Preliminary List of Gall-Producing Insects Common to Indiana PDF
Mel T. Cook 104-106
Notes on Deformed Embryos PDF
Mel T. Cook 106-107
The Lake Laboratory at Sandusky, Ohio PDF
Mel T. Cook 107-110
Abstracts PDF
W. J. Moenkhaus 111
An Extra Pair of Appendages Modified for Copulatory Purposes in Cambarus viridis PDF
W. J. Moenkhaus 111-112
Description of a New Species of Darter from Tippecanoe Lake PDF
W. J. Moenkhaus 112-115
The Myxomycetes of Winona Lake PDF
Fred Mutchler 115-120
The Plankton of Winona Lake PDF
Chancey Juday 120-133
The Birds of Winona Lake PDF
Clarence G. Littell 134-158
A List of the Dragonflies of Winona Lake PDF
Clarence H. Kennedy 159-164
A New Diagnostic Character for the Species of the Genus Argia PDF
Clarence H. Kennedy 164-169

Chemistry and Geology

Investigation of the Action between Manganese Dioxide and Potassium Chlorate in the Production of Oxygen PDF
Edward G. Mahin 170-173
The Action of Heat on Mixtures of Manganese Dioxide with Potassium Nitrate and with Potassium Bichromate PDF
J. H. Ransom 173-174
Criticism of an Experiment Used to Determine the Combining Ratio of Magnesium and Oxygen PDF
J. H. Ransom 175-176
An Apparatus for Illustrating Charles's and Boyle's Laws PDF
J. H. Ransom 176-177
Some Δ2-Keto-R-Hexene Derivatives PDF
J. B. Garner 177-187
Abstracts PDF
Albert B. Reagan 187-197
The Jemez Coal Fields PDF
Albert B. Reagan 197-198
Some Topographic Features in the Lower Tippecanoe Valley PDF
F. J. Breeze 198-200
Action of Hydrogen Peroxide on Cuprous Chloride PDF
W. M. Blanchard 200-202
Ripple Marks in Hudson Limestone in Jefferson County, Indiana PDF
Glenn Culbertson 202-205

Back Matter

Index, 1902 PDF