Vol 13 (1903)

Table of Contents

Academy Business

Acts, Officers, Committees, Principal officers since organization, Constitution, By-Laws, Members, List of foreign correspondents, Annual Meeting, Reports PDF

President's Address

President's Address: The Indiana of Nature : Its Evolution PDF
Willis S. Blatchley 33-60


A prehistoric Fortification near Madison, Indiana PDF
Glenn Culbertson 61-64
Authors Without Text PDF
J. W. Beede 66
"Colds" and Cold PDF
Robert Hessler 67-75
What Bacteriology has done for Sanitary Science PDF
Severance Burrage 77-80
Conditions affecting the distribution of Birds in Indiana PDF
Amos W. Butler 180-190
Abstracts PDF
Albert B. Reagan 197-199
Some Paintings from one of the Estufas in the Indian Village of Jemez, New Mexico PDF
Albert B. Reagan 201-205

Physics, Chemistry and Geology

Authors Without Text PDF
Arthur L. Foley 66
Authors Without Text PDF
Arthur L. Foley 75-76
On the use of Nickel in the core of the Marconi Magnet Director PDF
Arthur L. Foley 81-86
The Edison effect in a "Hylo" Lamp PDF
Arthur L. Foley 87-88
On the use of MnO2, in the generation of O from KClO3 PDF
R. R. Ramsey, Arthur L. Foley 89-92
Double Salts in Solution PDF
P. N. Evans 93-94
Ionic Friction PDF
P. N. Evans 95-96
A new problem in Hydrodynamics with Extraneous Forces Acting PDF
E. L. Hancock 97-108
A Topographic Result of the Alluvial Cone PDF
A. H. Purdue 109-112
Progress in Locomotive Testing PDF
W. F. M. Goss 113-116
Authors Without Text PDF
J. F. Woolsey 199-200
Geology of Monroe County, Indiana. North of the Latitude of Bloomington PDF
Albert B. Reagan 205-233
Authors Without Text PDF
Albert B. Reagan 233-234
What is the Age of the Aubrey Limestone of the Rocky Mountains? PDF
Albert B. Reagan 235-236
Some Fossils from the Lower Aubrey and Upper Red Wall in the Vicinity of Fort Apache, Arizona PDF
Albert B. Reagan 237-246
The Fossils of the Red Wall Compared with Those of the Kansas Coal Measures PDF
Albert B. Reagan 249-251

Botany and Zoology

A Note on the Breeding Habits of the Common or White Sucker PDF
Glenn Culbertson 65-66
Additions to the Flora of Indiana PDF
H. B. Dorner 117-118
Botanical Notes PDF
M. N. Elrod 119-128
Bird Notes from the Indiana State Forestry Reservation PDF
Chas. Piper Smith 129-132
Notes Upon Some Little Known Members of the Indiana Flora PDF
Chas. Piper Smith 133-136
Abstracts PDF
D. M. Mottier 137
Authors Without Text PDF
Stanley Coulter 137
Abstracts PDF
D. M. Mottier 139
Authors Without Text PDF
Stanley Coulter 139-140
Revised list of Indiana Plant Rusts PDF
J. C. Arthur 141-152
Additions to the List of Gall-Producing Insects Common to Indiana PDF
Mel. T. Cook 153-154
Nerve end organ in the Pancreas PDF
E. O. Little 155-156
A Crow Roost near Richmond, Indiana PDF
D. W. Dennis, W. E. Lawrence 157-160
A New Adjustable Stand for Physiological Apparatus and Modifications in other Physiological Devices PDF
J. F. Woolsey, John S. Wright 161-164
An Abnormality in the Nut of Hicoria ovata PDF
John S. Wright 165-166
Birds Nests of an Old Apple Orchard near Indiana University Campus PDF
Gertrude Hitze 167-172
Authors Without Text PDF
Waldo L. McAtee 172
Ecological Notes on the Mussels Winona Lake PDF
T. J. Headlee 173-179
Discoidal Pith in our Woody Plants PDF
F. W. Foxworthy 191-194
New Science Laboratory, Moores Hill College PDF
A. J. Bigney 195-196
Authors Without Text PDF
C. H. Eigenmann 199
The Sun or Gunelpiya Medicine Disk PDF
Albert B. Reagan 247-248
Ecological Notes on the Birds occurring within a radius of 5 miles of the Indiana University Campus (with photographs by G. C. Littell) PDF
Waldo L. McAtee, G. C. Littell 252

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