Vol 14 (1904)

Table of Contents

Academy Business

Acts, Officers, Committees, Principal officers since organization, Memorial, Constitution, By-Laws, Members, List of foreign correspondents, Annual Meeting, Reports PDF


City Dust: Cause and Effect PDF
Robert Hessler 33-44
The Rosebud Indian Celebration PDF
Albert B. Reagan 297-300

Physics, Mathematics, Astronomy and Physiography

An Esker in Tippecanoe County, Indiana PDF
W. A. McBeth 45-46
Notes on the Mississippi Delta PDF
W. A. McBeth 47-50
Electro-Magnetic Induction in Different Conductors PDF
Arthur L. Foley, C. A. Evans 203-205
Interference Fringes from the Path of an Electric Discharge PDF
Arthur L. Foley, J. H. Haseman 206
Some Experiments with a Simple Jolly Balance PDF
Lynn B. McMullen 233-236
The Newtonian Idea of the Calculus PDF
A. S. Hathaway 237-240
On the Deformation of Surfaces Referred to a Conjugate System of Lines PDF
Burke Smith 241-244
Warped Surfaces with two Distinct Rectilinear Directrices PDF
C. A. Waldo 245-254
"N"-Rays PDF
Rolla R. Ramsey, W. P. Haseman 255-274


The Apache Ceremonies Performed Over the Daughter of C 30 PDF
Albert B. Reagan 275-284
The Apache Medicine Game PDF
Albert B. Reagan 285-286
All Saints' Day at Jemez, New Mexico PDF
Albert B. Reagan 287-288
The Moccasin Game PDF
Albert B. Reagan 289-292
The Matachina Dance PDF
Albert B. Reagan 293
The Penitenties PDF
Albert B. Reagan 294
The Cliff Dwellers of Arizona PDF
Albert B. Reagan 295-296

Botany and Zoology

The Poisonous Plants of Indiana PDF
Stanley Coulter 51-63
Abstracts PDF
J. C. Arthur 64
Ecological Notes on the Birds Occurring Within A Radius OF Five Miles of the Indiana University Campus PDF
Waldo Lee McAtee, Clarence Guy Littell 65-202
Preliminary Notes on the North American Species of the Genus Cuscuta PDF
Stanley Coulter 207-211
Abstracts PDF
J. C. Arthur 212
Pollination of Campanula Americana PDF
Moses N. Elrod 213-218
Additions to the Indiana Flora PDF
Charles C. Deam 219-222
Additions to the Flora of Marion County, Indiana PDF
Benjamin W. Douglass 223-224
Additions to the List of Gall Producing Insects, common to Indiana PDF
Mel T. Cook 225-226
The Sclerenchymatous Tyloses in Brosimum Aubletii PDF
Katherine E. Golden 227-232
Notes Upon Some Little Known Members of the Indiana Flora PDF
Charles Piper Smith 301-304
Physiological Apparatus for Botany PDF
Frank M. Andrews 305-314

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Index PDF