Vol 15 (1905)

Table of Contents

Academy Business

Acts, Officers, Committees, Principal officers since organization, Constitution, By-Laws, Members, Annual Meeting, Reports PDF

President's Address

President's Address: A Consideration of Certain Investigations Needed in Pharmacology PDF
John S. Wright 25-34


Some Scientific Aspects of Tea Drinking PDF
Frank B. Wade 35-39
The Radium Clock PDF
Rolla R. Ramsey 40
The Use of Peat as Fuel PDF
Benj. W. Douglass 41-47
Abstracts PDF
Robert Hessler 48
The Wood Pulp Industry PDF
M. D. Renkenberger 49-60
An Account of a Buzzard's Nest with Photographs of the Young up to the Seventy-fourth Day, When They Left the Nest PDF
D. W. Dennis, W. C. Petry 61-70
The Solar Eclipse of 1905 PDF
John A. Miller 71-80

Physics, Chemistry, Geology and Mathematics

Irrelevant Factors in the Bitangentals of Plane Algebraic Curves PDF
Ulysses S. Hanna 81-84
On the Weathering of the Subcarboniferous Limestone in the Non-Glaciated Area of Southern Indiana PDF
E. R. Cummings 85-100
Action of Calcium Chloride Solution on Glass PDF
P. N. Evans 101-102
Equivalent-Weight-Determination Apparatus PDF
James H. Ransom 103-106
Studies in Catalysis PDF
James H. Ransom 107-108
Effect of Radium on Electrolytic Conductivity PDF
Ryland Ratliff 104-114
A Simple Method of Measuring Electrolytic Resistance PDF
Rolla R. Ramsey 115-116
Some Peculiarities of Electric Sparks Across Short Spark-Gaps PDF
Rolla R. Ramsey 117-118
Gas Burners and Standards of Candle Power PDF
Rolla R. Ramsey, Hiromitsu Oi 119-121

Botany and Zoology

Abstracts PDF
Robert Hessler 122
Notes on the International Botanical Congress of 1905 PDF
J. C. Arthur 123-126
Methods Employed in Uredineal Culture Work PDF
Frank D. Kern 127-132
The Embryology of Melilotus Alba PDF
W. J. Young 133-142
Oxydase in Wheat Grains PDF
Katherine Golden Bitting 143-148
Cytase in Wheat Grains PDF
Katherine Golden Bitting 149-154
Notes Upon Some Little Known Members of the Indiana Flora PDF
Charles Piper Smith 155-158
Abstracts PDF
Charles Zeleny 159-160
A New Species of Campostoma Fern from Indiana PDF
John Haseman 161-164
Notes on Some New or Little Known Members of the Indiana Flora PDF
Guy West Wilson 165-176
Rusts of Hamilton and Marion Counties, Indiana PDF
Guy West Wilson 177-182
A Travertine Deposit in Tippecanoe County, Indiana PDF
Guy West Wilson 183-184
Additions to Indiana Flora, No. 2 PDF
Charles C. Deam 185-186
Some Monstrosities in Trillium PDF
F. M. Andrews 187-188
A Natural Proof that the Root Tip Alone is Sensitive to the Gravitation Stimulus PDF
F. M. Andrews 189-190
Plasmodesmen PDF
F. M. Andrews 191-194
Effect of Alkaloids on Vegetable Protoplasm PDF
F. M. Andrews 195-196
An Occurrence of Kirtland's Warbler PDF
D. W. Dennis, Loren C. Petry 197-198
Nitrifying Bacteria PDF
A. J. Bigney 199-202
A New Form of Microtome Knife PDF
E. G. Martin 203-204
Abstracts PDF
D. M. Mottier 205-208
The Leesburg Swamp PDF
Will Scott 209-226
Note on the Recurrence of Brood V PDF
Walter L. Hahn 227-228

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