Vol 17 (1907)

Table of Contents

Academy Business

Acts, Officers, Committees, Principal officers since organization, Constitution, By-Laws, Members, Annual Meeting, Report PDF


In Memoriam PDF
D. M. Mottier, John S. Wright, A. W. Butler 23-27

President's Address

President's Address: History and Control of Sex PDF
D. M. Mottier 28-47


The Celebration by the New York Academy of Sciences of the Two Hundredth Anniversary of the Birth of Linnaeus PDF
G. W. Wilson 48-50
An Investigation of the Fuel Value of Indiana Peats PDF
R. E. Lyons 51-58


Tardy Humming Birds PDF
W. B. Van Gorder 59-60
Abstracts PDF
H. L. Bruner 61
The Relation of the Degree of Injury to the Amount of Regeneration and the Moulting Period in Gammarius PDF
Mary Harman 62-75
Abstracts PDF
Robert Hessler 76-77
Some notes on the Habits of the common Box Turtle PDF
Glenn Culbertson 78-79
Fauna of the Flokena Shale of the Grand Summit Section of Kansas, and Remarks on the Development OF Derbya Multistriata Meek and Hayden PDF
F. C. Greene 114-127
Observations on the Formation and Enlargement of the Tubes of the Marine Annelid, (Chaetopterus Variopedatus) PDF
Howard E. Enders 128-135
Notes on the Artificial Fertilization of the Eggs of the Common Clam, (Venus Mercenaria) PDF
H. E. Enders, H. D. Aller 136-140


The Peronosporales of Indiana PDF
G. W. Wilson 80-84
The Heterotype Chromosomes in Pinus and Thuja PDF
I. M. Lewis. 85-87
Insect Galls of Indiana PDF
Mel T. Cook 88-98


A Probable Origin of the Small Mounds of the Mississippi and Texas Regions PDF
A. B. Reagan 99-100
Some peculiarities of the Valley Erosion of Big Creek and its Tributaries in Jefferson County PDF
Glenn Culbertson 101-103


The Electrolytic Production of Selenic Acid from Lead Selenate PDF
F. C. Mathers 104-105
Result of Heating a Mixture of Ammonium Nitrate and Manganese Dioxide PDF
James H. Ransom 106-108


The Mathematics of Haul PDF
H. O. Garman 109-113
Lines on the Pseudosphere and the Syntractrix of Revolution PDF
E. L. Hancock 141-158

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