Vol 19 (1909)

Table of Contents

Academy Business

Acts, Appropriation for 1910 and 1911, Officers, Committees, Principal officers since organization, Constitution, By-Laws, Members, Necrology, Annual Meeting, Resolution, The beginning of the Indiana Academy of Science by Amos W. Butler, Greetings, Plans for the future, Banquet Addresses, Minutes PDF

President's Address

President's Address: Recent Developments in Physical Science [Publication No. 34.] PDF
A. L. Foley 89-100


Darwin Fifty Years After PDF
David Starr Jordan 107-110
Thought Stimulation, Under What Conditions Does It Occur? PDF
Robert Hessler 127-144
Hygiene of Indoor Swimming Pools, with Suggestions for Practical Disinfection PDF
Severance Burrage 145-156
The Problem of Sewage Purification in Indiana PDF
R. L. Sackett 157-159
That Erroneous Hiawatha PDF
Albert B. Reagan 161-162
The Medicinal Value of Eupatorium Perfoliatum PDF
A. J. Bigney 163-164


Methods and Materials Used in Soil Testing PDF
H. A. Huston 111-118
Refractive Index as a Measure of Dry Substance in Saccharine Products PDF
A. Hugh Bryan 165-174
Conductivity and Ionization of Solutions of Certain Salts in Ethyl Amine PDF
E. G. Mahin 175-180
A Study of the Chemical Composition of Butter Fat PDF
O. F. Hunziker, George Spitzer 181-196
On a New Complex Cyanogen Compound PDF
A. R. Middleton 197-198
The Determination of Endothermic Gases by Combustion PDF
A. R. Middleton 199-200


Methods in Solid Analytics PDF
Arthur S. Hathaway 201-202
Motion of n Bodies PDF
Arthur S. Hathaway 203-204


Direct Reading Accelerometers PDF
C. R. Moore 205-224
Notes on the Strength of Concrete Building Blocks PDF
H. H. Schofield 225-228
Polarization of Cadmium Cells PDF
Rolla R. Ramsey 229-232
Investigation of a Point Discharge in a Magnetic Field PDF
Oscar W. Silvey 233-242
The Tenacity of Gelatine PDF
Arthur L. Foley 243-248
Cohesion of Water as Modified by Certain Dissolved Salts PDF
Edwin Morrison 249-254
Abstracts PDF
W. K. Hatt 441-446

Geology and Geography

Some Features of Delta Formation PDF
Charles R. Dryer 255-262
A Physiographic Survey of an Area Near Terre Haute, Indiana PDF
Charles R. Dryer, Melvin K. Davis 263-268
Collecting Area of the Waters of the Hot Springs, Hot Springs, Arkansas PDF
A. H. Purdue 269-276
Where Do the Lance Creek ("Ceratops") Beds Belong, in the Cretaceous or Tertiary? PDF
Oliver P. Hay 277-304
Paleontology and the Recapitulation Theory PDF
E. R. Cumings 305-340
The Tippecanoe, an Infantile Drainage System PDF
W. A. McBeth 341-344


Federal Control of International and Interstate Waters PDF
B. W. Evermann 119-124
Abstracts PDF
Charles W. Greene 125-126
A Paired Entoplastron in Trionyx and Its Significance PDF
Henry H. Lane 345-350
Abstracts PDF
H. L. Osborn 351-352
The Mocking Bird About Moores Hill, Indiana PDF
A. J. Bigney 353
Observations on Woodpeckers PDF
John T. Campbell 354
Observations on Cerebral Localization PDF
J. Rollin Slonaker 355-362
The Evolution of Insect Galls as Illustrated by the Genus Amphibolips PDF
Mel T. Cook 363-368


Recent Progress in Botany PDF
John M. Coulter 101-106
Apparatus for Illustrating Boyle's Law PDF
Frank M. Andrews 369-372
Some Monstrosities in Plants PDF
Frank M. Andrews 373-374
A List of Algae (Chiefly from Monroe County, Indiana.) PDF
Frank M. Andrews 375-380
Additions to Indiana Flora, Number 4 PDF
Charles C. Deam 381-382
Right and Wrong Conceptions of Plant Rusts PDF
J. C. Arthur 383-390
The Effect of Preservatives on the Development of Penicillium PDF
Katherine Golden Bitting 391-416
Further Notes on Timothy Rust PDF
Frank D. Kern 417-418
The Woodlot for Central Indiana PDF
E. C. Pegg, M. B. Thomas 419-440
Forest Conditions in Indiana PDF
Stanley Coulter 447-462

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