Vol 20 (1910)

Table of Contents

Academy Business

Acts, Officers, Committees, Principal officers since organization, Constitution, By-Laws, Members, Annual Meeting, Reports PDF

President's Address

President's Address: The Place of Research in Undergraduate Schools PDF
P. N. Evans 35-48


Plants and Man: Weeds and Disease PDF
Robert Hessler 49-69
An outline Review of Indiana Municipal Water Supplies PDF
Charles Brossman 70-74
A New Building for the Department of Practical Mechanics at Purdue University PDF
M. J. Golden 75-80
Features of Subterranean Drainage in the Bloomington Quadrangle PDF
J. W. Beede 81-112
The Shi-Shi Gig PDF
Albert B. Reagan 113-114
Notes on the Shaker Church of the Indians PDF
Albert B. Reagan 115-116
The Wreck of the "Suthern" PDF
Albert B. Reagan 117-118
The Bois Fort Indian Reservation in Minnesota PDF
Albert B. Reagan 121-124
Conservation Problems in Indiana PDF
Frederick J. Breeze 125-128

Zoology, Geology and Geography

The Effects of Ice in Lakes upon the Shore Lines of the Same PDF
Albert B. Reagan 119-120
Crustacea of Winona Lake PDF
John L. House 129-134
A Method by Which Cover Glasses May be Used on Golgi Slides PDF
D. W. Dennis 135-136
A Tropical Reptile near Richmond, Indiana PDF
D. W. Dennis 137-138
A New Bed of Trilobites PDF
Andrew J. Bigney 139-140
Some Conglomerate Beds of Post Glacial Origin PDF
Glenn Culbertson 141-144
A Physiographic Survey of the Terre Haute Area: Report of Progress PDF
Charles R. Dryer 145-146
The Work Done by Normal Brook in Thirteen Years PDF
Charles R. Dryer, Melvin K. Davis 147-152
Paleolithic, Neolithic, Copper and Iron Ages of Shelby County, Indiana PDF
F. W. Gottlieb 153-168
The Fauna of the Brazil limestone PDF
F. C. Greene 169-172
The Huron Group in Western Monroe and Eastern Greene Counties, Indiana PDF
F. C. Greene 269-288
The Preglacial Valleys of the Upper Mississippi and its Eastern Tributaries PDF
Harry M. Clem 335-352
Cross Fertilization Among Fishes PDF
W. J. Moenkhaus 353-394
The Fauna of a Solution Pond PDF
Will Scott 395-442

Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry

The Preparation of Ether PDF
P. N. Evans 173-174
The Temperature Coefficient of the Surface Tension of Water PDF
Arthur L. Foley 175-180
Abstracts PDF
Arthur L. Foley 181-182
The Value at Low Temperatures of the Specific Heats of a Gas PDF
C. M. Smith 183-194
Investigations Concerning the Reichert-Meissl Number and The Relation of Butter Fat Constants in Butter Analysis PDF
George Spitzer 195-200
A Convenient Laboratory Device PDF
J. P. Naylor 201-202
An Investigation of a Point Discharge in Magnetic and Electrostatic Fields PDF
Oscar William Silvey 247-268
Determination of the Ratio of Specific Heats of Dry Air PDF
E. K. Chapman 289-294
A Convenient High Potential Battery PDF
R. R. Ramsey 295-296
The Equipment of a High Temperature Measurement Laboratory PDF
G. A. Shook 297-320


Further Notes on Timothy Rust PDF
A. G. Johnson 203-204
Indiana Fungi PDF
J. M. Van Hook 205-212
Steccherinum septentrionale (Fr.) Banker in Indiana PDF
Howard J. Banker 213-218
Disease Resistance in Varieties of Potatoes PDF
C. R. Orton 219-222
An Ecological Survey of the Lower Whitewater Gorge PDF
L. C. Petry, M. S. Markle 223-244
Report of Work on Corn Pollination II PDF
M. L. Fisher 245-246
Two Pine Gametophytes in One Ovule PDF
M. S. Markle 321-322
Indiana Weeds, Their Control and Eradication PDF
G. M. Frier 323-334