Vol 21 (1911)

Table of Contents

Academy Business

Mason Blanchard Thomas Memorial, Officers, Committees, Constitution, Members, Spring Meeting Minutes, Winter Meeting Minutes and Program PDF

President's Address

President's Address: The North America of Today and Tomorrow and Indiana's Place in It PDF
Charles Redway Dryer 37-54

General Program

Chemical Notes on Ventilation PDF
Percy Norton Evans 55-60
An Indiana Shell Mound PDF
W.S. Blatchley 61-64
Maternal Impression PDF
A.G. Pohlman 65-70

Geology and Geography

Terraces of the Whitewater River Near Richmond, Indiana PDF
Allen David Hole 71-82
Some Neglected Principles of Physiography PDF
A.H. Purdue 83-88
Conservation of the Soil in Dearborn County PDF
A.J. Bigney 89-90
The Effect of Deforestation Upon the Water Level of Montgomery County PDF
H.L. Barr 91-110
The Geological Conditions of Municipal Water Supply in the Driftless Area of Southern Indiana PDF
E.R. Cumings 111-146
A Note on the Batostomas of the Richmond Series PDF
E.R. Cumings, J.J. Galloway 147-168
Observations, Having for Their Object the Approximate Determination of the Time Required for the Erosion of Clifty and Butler Ravines in Jefferson County, Ind. PDF
Glenn Culbertson 169-170
The Occurrence of Hand-Specimens of Jointed Structure in the New Albany Shale PDF
Glenn Culbertson 171-172
Results of Glaciation in Indiana PDF
Charles W. Shannon 173-196
The Sand Areas of Indiana PDF
Chas. W. Shannon 197-212

Papers on Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics

Polarization of Cadmium Cells PDF
R.R. Ramsay 213-214
The Effect of Pressure on a Cadimum Cell PDF
R.R. Ramsey 215-220
Notes on the Calibration and Use of the Ballistic Galvanometer PDF
C.M. Smith 221-226
Qualitative Detection and Separation of Potassium and Sodium PDF
F.C. Mathers, I.E. Lee 227-228
An Apparatus for the Study of the Radiation from Covered and Uncovered Steam Pipes PDF
O.W. Silvey, G.E. Grantham 229-236
Ash and Calorimeter Tests of Coal Purchased by Indiana University PDF
Frank C. Mathers, Ira E. Lee 237-240
Recovery of Silver From Silver Chloride Residues PDF
Frank C. Mathers 241-242
A New Gas Generator PDF
Raymond Bellamy 243-244


Some Abnormal Plants PDF
Raymond Bellamy 245-246

Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics

A Modified Method for the Determination of Lead Peroxide in Red Lead PDF
A.R. Nees, O.W. Brown 247-250
A Simple Laboratory Method of Measuring Vapor Tension PDF
A.E. Caswell 251-254
A Theorem on Addition Formulae PDF
Leslie MacDill 255-256
Note on Multiply Perfect Numbers, Including a Table of 204 New Ones and the 47 Others Previously Published PDF
R.D. Carmichael, T.E. Mason 257-270
Abstracts PDF
David A. Rothrock, T.E. Mason 271-274
Application of the Cauchy Parameter Method to the Solution of Difference Equations PDF
T.E. Mason 275-278

Papers on Botany

Some Variations in Plants PDF
F.M. Andrews 279-282
Report of the Work in Corn Pollination, III PDF
M.L. Fisher 283-284
New and Notable Members of the Indiana Flora PDF
E.J. Grimes 285-290
A Monograph of the Common Indiana Species of Hypoxylon PDF
Charles E. Owens 291-308
The Improvement of Medicinal Plants PDF
F.A. Miller 309-320
Nutrients in Green Shoots of Trees PDF
E.J. Petry 321-324
The New York Apple Tree Canker PDF
Lex R. Hesler 325-340
Value of Fertilizing Constituents of Weeds of Indiana. Analysis of Ironweeds. PDF
Frank Mathers, Gail M. Stapp 341-342
The Prevalence and Prevention of Stinking Smut in Indiana PDF
C.R. Orton 343-346
Indiana Fungi -II PDF
J.M. Van Hook 347-354
Diseases of Ginseng Caused by Sclerotinias PDF
Geo. A. Osner 355-364
Additions to the Flora of the Lower Wabash Valley, by Dr. J. Schneck PDF
Chas. C. Deam 365-370
Plants New or Rare in Indiana PDF
Chas. C. Deam 371-374
The Unattached Aecial Forms of Plant-Rusts in North America PDF
A.G. Johnson 375-414


Coniosis (Abstract) PDF
Robert Hessler 415-438
The Regenerated Scales of Fundulus Heteroclituus Linne' with a Preliminary Note on their Formation PDF
Will Scott 439-444

Back Matter

A Catalogue of Scientific Periodical Literature on File in Various Libraries of the State PDF