Vol 22 (1912)

Table of Contents

Academy Business

Constitution, By-Laws, Officers, Members, Minutes, Program PDF


The Water Supply of Indiana PDF
H.E. Barnard 43-46
The Protection of our Rivers from Pollution PDF
Jay Craven 47-50
Abstract - Coniology PDF
Robert Hessler 51-52
Birds that Destroy Grapes PDF
Amos W. Butler 53-56

Section I

A Heronry Near Indianapolis PDF
Amos W. Butler 57-58
Further Notes on Indiana Birds PDF
Amos W. Butler 59-66
Further Notes on the Seedless Fruits of the Common Persimmon -- Diospyros Virginiana L PDF
D.M. Mottier 67-68
The Mosses of Monroe County PDF
F.L. Pickett, Mildred Nothnagel 69-76
Length of Life of Arisaema Triphyllum Corms PDF
F.L. Pickett 77-78
Acetic Alcohol as a Killing and Fixing Agent in Plant Histology PDF
F.L. Pickett 79-80
Plants Not Hitherto Reported from Indiana PDF
Chas. C. Deam 81-84
Abstract - The Influence of Certain Environic Factors on the Development of Fern Prothallia PDF
David M. Mottier 85-86
Report of the Work in Corn Pollination, IV PDF
M.L. Fisher 87-88
Conjugation in Spirogyra PDF
F.M. Andrews 89-92
An Instructive Modification of an Old Experiment PDF
Howard J. Banker 93-94
Photosynthesis in Submerged Land Plants PDF
Harry V. Heimburger 95-98
Indiana Fungi -III PDF
J.M. Van Hook 99-102
Fungous Enemies of the Sweet Potato in Indiana PDF
C.A. Ludwig 103-104
Notes on Some Puff-Balls of Indiana PDF
Frank D. Kern 105-113
The Improvement of Medicinal Plants PDF
F.A. Miller 114-120
The Structure and Diagnostic Value of the Starch Grain PDF
R.B. Harvey 121-126

Section II

Butter Fat and Butter Fat Constants PDF
George Spitzer 127-138
Nascent State of the Elements PDF
J.H. Ransom, R.A. Stevens 139-148
The Penetration of Wood by Zinc Chloride PDF
Edward G. Mahin 149-154
A Biometric Study of the Streptococci from Milk and from the Human Throat PDF
C.M. Hilliard 155-156
On the Atomic Structure of Energy PDF
A.E. Caswell 157-168
Notes on the System of Crystallization and Proper Cutting of the Synthetic Corundum Gems PDF
Frank B. Wade 169-180
On Linear Difference Equations of the First Order with Rational Coefficients PDF
Thos. E. Mason 181-188
A Note on the Intersection of Osculating Planes to the Twisted Cubic Curve PDF
A.M. Kenyon 189-197
Wabash Studies PDF
Charles R. Dryer 198-214
The Determination of Hydrogen, Nitrogen and Methane in Gas by Combustion in a Quartz Tube PDF
Frank C. Mathers, Ira E. Lee 215-220
New Methods for the Preparation of Salts of Selenic Acid PDF
Frank C. Mathers, J. Otto Frank 221-224
A New Method for the Qualitative Detection of Chlorides in the Presence of Bromides and Iodides PDF
Frank C. Mathers, Ira E. Lee 225-228

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