Vol 23 (1913)

Table of Contents

Academy Business

Constitution, By-Laws, Officers, Members, Minutes, Program PDF

President's Address

President's Address: The Work of the Indiana Academy of Science PDF
Donaldson Bodine 43-54

General Program

Wabash Studies. IV: The Flood of March, 1913, at Terre Haute PDF
Charles R. Dyer 55-56
The Flood of March, 1913, Along the Ohio River and its Tributaries in Southeastern Indiana PDF
Glenn Culbertson 57-62
The Wabash River Flood of 1913, at Lafayette, Ind. PDF
R.L. Sackett 63-68


The Selective Action of Gentian Violet in Bacteriological Analysis PDF
C.M. Hilliard 69-74
An Epidemic of Diarrhoea, Presumably Milk Borne PDF
P.A. Tetrault 75-76
On the Vertical Distribution of the Plankton in Winona Lake PDF
Glennwood Henry 77-92
A Simple Apparatus for the Study of Phototropic Responses in Seedlings PDF
Geo. N. Hoffer 93-96
A Test of Indiana Varieties of Wheat Seed for Fungous Infection PDF
Geo. N. Hoffer 97-98
Pyropolyporus Everharth (Ellis & Gall.) Murrill as a Wound Parasite PDF
Geo. N. Hoffer 99-102
The Mosses of Monroe County, Indiana, II PDF
Mildred Nothnagel, F.L. Pickett 103-106
Ecological Notes on Certain White River Algae PDF
Paul Weatherwax 107-108
Aphanomyces Phycophilus De Bary PDF
Paul Weatherwax 109-112
Inheritance of the Length of Life in Drosophila Ampelophila PDF
Roscoe R. Hyde 113-124


The Germination of Seeds of Arisaema PDF
F.L. Pickett 125-128
Studies of Camptosurus Rhizophyllus, an Abstract of the Development of the Prothallium of Camptosorus Rhizophyllus, and the Resistance of the Prothallia of Camptosorus Rhizophyllus to Desiccation PDF
F.L. Pickett 129-130
Irish Potato Scab (Oospora Scabies) as Affected by Fertilizers Containing Sulphates and Chlorides PDF
S.D. Conner 131-138


Wabash Studies. V. A Topographic Map of the Terre Haute Area PDF
Charles R. Dryer 139-140
Center of Area and Center of Population of Indiana PDF
W.A. Cogshall 141-142
The Shrinkage of Photographic Paper PDF
R.R. Ramsey 143-144
Acyl Derivatives of O-Aminophenol PDF
J.H. Ransom, R.E. Nelson 145-150
Boiling and Condensing Points of Alcohol Water Mixtures PDF
P.N. Evans 151-156
Abstract - On the General Solution and So-Called Special Solutions of Linear Non-Homogeneous Partial Differential Equations PDF
L.L. Steimley 157-158
A Modified Permeameter PDF
Edwin Morrison, B.D. Morris 159-165

Water Conservation

Sanitary Survey of Indiana Rivers PDF
Jay A. Craven, C.E. 166-172
The Relation of Lakes to Floods, with Special Reference to Certain Lakes and Streams of Indiana PDF
Will Scott 173-188

Forest Conservation

First Steps in Indiana Forestry PDF
Stanley Coulter 189-196
The Taxation of Forest Lands in Indiana PDF
H.W. Anderson 197-202
Forests and Floods PDF
F.M. Andrews 203-212

Conservation of Human Life

The Relation of County Tuberculosis Hospitals to Conservation of Public Health PDF
James Y. Welborn, M.D. 213-214
Playgrounds and Recreation Centers as Factors in Conservation of Human Life PDF
Dr. W. A. Gekler 215-218
Public Toilets, Public Drinking Fountains and Public Spitting in Relation to the Conservation of Human Life PDF
C.M. Hilliard 219-222

Mineral Resources

Power Economy in the Southern Indiana Quarry Industry PDF
G.C. Mance 223-236

Scientific and Technical Serials

Report of the Committee on "A List of the Scientific and Technical Serials in the Libraries of the State of Indiana" PDF
Indiana Academy of Science 237-364

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Index PDF