Vol 24 (1914)

Table of Contents

Academy Business

Constitution, By-Laws, Committees, Members, Spring Meeting Minutes, Winter Meeting Program PDF

President's Address

Science in Its Relation to the Conservation of Human Life PDF
Severance Burrage 55-58


A Family in One Neighborhood PDF
Amos W. Butler 59-60
The Problem of Feeble-Mindedness PDF
G.S. Bliss 61-62
The Feeble-Minded and Delinquent Boy PDF
Franklin C. Paschal 63-70
The Feeble-Minded and Delinquent Girl PDF
E.E. Jones 71-78
Feeble-Mindedness in the Public Schools PDF
Katrina Myers 79-84

General Subjects

The Alcohol Problem in the Light of Coniosis PDF
Robert Hessler 85-100
Cold Storage is Practical Conservation PDF
H.E. Barnard 101-108
Changing Conditions in the Kentucky Mountains PDF
B.H. Schockel 109-132
Conservation and Civilization PDF
Arthur L. Foley 133-144
Why Do Our Birds Migrate PDF
D.W. Dennis 145-148
Flood Protection in Indiana PDF
W.K. Hatt 149-156


An Apparatus for Aerating Culture Solutions PDF
Paul Weatherwax 157-160
Antagonism on B. Fluorescens and B. Typhosus in Culture PDF
P.A. Tetrault 161-166


Notes Upon the Distribution of Forest Trees in Indiana PDF
Stanley Coulter 167-178
Corrections to the Lists of Mosses of Monroe County, Indiana, I and II PDF
Mildred Nothnagel, F.L. Pickett 179-180
The Mosses of Monroe County, Indiana, III PDF
F.L. Pickett, Mildred Nothnagel 181-184
A New Enemy of the Black Locust PDF
Glenn Culbertson 185-186
A New Leaf Spot of Viola Cucullata PDF
H.W. Anderson 187-190
Oat Smut in Indiana PDF
F.J. Pipal 191-196
Plants New or Rare to Indiana. No. V. PDF
Chas. C. Deam 197-202
Some Peculiarities in Spirogyra Dubia PDF
Paul Weatherwax 203-206
Report on Corn Pollination IV (Final) PDF
M.L. Fisher 207-208
Stomata of Trillium Nivale PDF
F.M. Andrews 209-212
The Primrose-Leaved Violet in White County PDF
Louis F. Heimlich 213-218
Continuous Rust Propagation Without Sexual Reproduction PDF
C.A. Ludwig 219-230
Correlation of Certain Long-Cycled and Short-Cycled Rusts PDF
H.C. Travelbee 231-234
Some Species of Nummularia Common in Indiana PDF
Claude E. O'Neal 235-250
The Genus Rosellinia in Indiana PDF
Glen B. Ramsey 251-266
Some Large Botanical Problems PDF
J.C. Arthur 267-272


The Alba B. Ghere Collection of Birds' Eggs Presented to the Museum of Purdue University PDF
Howard E. Enders 273-278
A Note on a Peculiar Nesting Site of the Chimney Swift PDF
Glenn Culbertson 279-280
Notes on Indiana Earthworms PDF
H.V. Heimburger 281-286
Notes on Orthoptera and Orthopteran Habitats in the Vicinity of Lafayette, Indiana PDF
Henry Fox 287-322
Some Insects of the Between Tides Zone PDF
Charles H. Arndt 323-336
The Snakes of the Lake Maxinkuckee Region PDF
Barton Warren Evermann, Howard Walton Clark 337-348


Stirring as a Time Saver in Gravimetric Analysis PDF
W.M. Blanchard 349-350
The Alundum Crucible as a Substitute for the Gooch Crucible PDF
George L. Clark 351-354
The Correlation of High School and College Chemistry PDF
James Brown 355-358
The Chemical Composition of Virgin and Cropped Indiana Soils PDF
S.D. Conner 359-364


Sewage Disposal PDF
Charles Brossmann 365-372
Tar Forming Temperatures of American Coals PDF
Otto Carter Berry 373-384


Shawnee Mound, Tippecanoe County, as a Glacial Alluvial Cone PDF
Wm. A. McBeth 385-388


Correlation of the Outcrop at Spades, Indiana PDF
H.N. Coryell 389-394
The Paleobotany of the Bloomington, Indiana, Quadrangle PDF
T.F. Jackson 395-398
The Flatwoods Region of Owen and Monroe Counties, Indiana PDF
Clyde A. Malott 399-428


Mechanical Device for Testing Mersenne Numbers for Primes PDF
Thos. E. Mason 429-432
Some Properties of Binomial Coefficients PDF
A.M. Kenyon 433-452


Radioactivity of Spring Water PDF
R.R. Ramsey 453-470


A Tornado at Watertown, South Dakota, June 23, 1914 PDF
J. Gladden Hutton 471-484

Papers on Physics

A Simple Form of the Carey Foster Bridge PDF
J.P. Naylor 485-488
Variation of the Emanation Content of Certain Springs PDF
R.R. Ramsey 489-490
The Construction of a Rutherford's Electroscope PDF
Edwin Morrison 491-496

Back Matter

Index PDF