Vol 26 (1916)

Table of Contents

Academy Business

Constitution, By-Laws, Officers, Members, Spring Meeting Minutes, Winter Meeting Program PDF

President's Address

Address of the President: A Century of Progress in Scientific Thought PDF
Andrew J. Bigney 52-61


David Worth Dennis - An Appreciation PDF
Allen D. Hole 62-68
David Worth Dennis - An Appreciation PDF
Alden H. Hadley 69-75
John Price Durbin John - An Appreciation PDF
Wm. M. Blanchard 76-80
Francis Marion Webster PDF
James Troop 81-82

General Program

Mental Hygiene: Retrospect and Prospect PDF
E.H. Lindley 83-88
A Century of Geology in Indiana PDF
W.S. Blatchley 89-177
The Early History of Chemistry in Indiana PDF
H.W. Wiley 178-185
Indiana's Feeble-Minded PDF
Dr. Geo S. Bliss 186-188
A Century of Zoology in Indiana, 1816-1916 PDF
Barton Warren Evermann 189-224
Review of Public Health Work in Indiana PDF
J.N. Hurty 225-235
A Century of Botany in Indiana PDF
John M. Coulter 236-260
The Sand Dune Region as a National Park PDF
L.F. Bennett 261-263


The Cultivation of Trypanosoma Brucei PDF
Charles Behrens 264-271
A Technic for the Bacteriological Examination of Soils PDF
H.A. Noyes, Edwin Voigt 272-301
Acute Poliomyelitis PDF
Charles A Behrens 302-311
The Cultivation of Trypanosomes in Vivo PDF
H.C. Travelbee 312-314


Plants New or Rare to Indiana. VII. PDF
Chas. C. Deam 315-322
Cloisterium Moniliferum PDF
F.M. Andrews 323-324
An Aecium on Red Clover, Trifolium Pratense L. PDF
Geo. N. Hoffer 325-326
Additions to the List of Plant Diseases of Economic Importance in Indiana PDF
Geo. A. Osner 327-332
A Study of the Relations Between Plant Growth and Combined Nitrogen in Winona Lake PDF
Thurman B. Rice 333-362
A Remarkable Case of Fasciation in Oenothera Biennis PDF
Paul Weatherwax 363-364
A Variation in Plantago Lanceolata PDF
Paul Weatherwax 365-367
Weed Seeds in the Soil PDF
F.J. Pipal 368-377
The Effect of Hydrogen Peroxide in Preventing the Smut of Wheat and Oats PDF
F.J. Pipal 378-381
Rusts of Hamilton and Marion Counties, Indiana. II PDF
Guy West Wilson 382-383


The Ethyl-Sulphuric Acid Reaction PDF
P.N. Evans 384-386
Electromotive Force Measurements of the System PDF
N. Edward Loomis 387-388
Development of Chemical Science in Indiana PDF
J.H. Ransom 389-397
Rate of Humification of Green Manure PDF
R.H. Carr 398-402
Indiana Soils Containing an Excess of Soluble Salts PDF
S.D. Conner 403-404

Geology and Geography

The Descripition and Stratigraphic Relationships of Fossil Plants from the Lower Pennsylvanian Rocks of Indiana PDF
T.F. Jackson 405-439


On the Poincare Transformation PDF
Tobias Dantzig 440-444
What Might Have Been PDF
C.A. Waldo 445-446


Field Notes on the Distribution and Life Habits of the Tiger Beetles (Cicindelidae) of Indiana PDF
William M. Goldsmith 447-455
Further Notes on Indiana Birds PDF
Amos W. Butler 456-459
A List of Indiana Ants PDF
William Morton Wheeler 460-466
Bird Censuses PDF
M.L. Fisher 467-469
The Time Birds Get Up in the Morning PDF
M.L. Fisher 470-471
The Turtles and Batrachians of the Lake Maxinkuckee Region PDF
Barton Warren Evermann, Howard Walton Clark 472-518
Chief Moses Day Daybway-Waindung PDF
Albert B. Reagan 519-522

Back Matter

Index PDF