Vol 27 (1917)

Table of Contents

Academy Business

Constitution, Officers, Committees, Members, Minutes, Program PDF

Papers of the General Session

The Physiography of Indianapolis PDF
Charles R. Dryer 55-58
An Epidemic Among the Fishes of Huffman's Lake PDF
Will Scott 67-72
The Pygidiidae PDF
Carl H. Eigenmann 59-66
Germinal Changes in the Bar-Eyed Race of Drosophila During the Course of Selection for Facet Number PDF
Charles Zeleny 73-78
Dwarfing Effect of Attacks of Mites of the Genus Eriophyes Upon Norway Maples PDF
Howard E. Enders 79-84
Where the Feeble-Minded are Self-Supporting PDF
Hazel Hansford 85-90


A Study of the Action of Bacteria on Milk Proteins PDF
George Spitzer, H.M. Weeter 91-96


Abstract - Plastids PDF
D.M. Mottier 97-98
Variation and Varieties of Zea Mays PDF
Paul Weatherwax 99-104
Improved Technique for Corn Pollination PDF
Paul Weatherwax 105-108
A Comparison of the Plant Succession on Hudson River Limestone with that on Niagra Limestone Near Richmond, Indiana PDF
M.S. Markle 109-114
Notes on Microscopic Technique PDF
M.S. Markle 115-118
The Ustilaginales of Indiana PDF
H.S. Jackson 119-132
The Uredinales of Indiana II PDF
H.S. Jackson 133-138
A Suspected Case of Stock Poisoning by Wild Onion (Allium Canadense) PDF
F.J. Pipal 139-144
Additions to the List of Plant Diseases of Economic Importance in Indiana PDF
George A. Osner 145-148
Reaction of Culture Media PDF
H.A. Noyes 149-162
Studies on Pollen PDF
F.M. Andrews 163-164
Stoppage of a Sewer Line by Roots of Acer Saccharum PDF
F.M. Andrews 165-166
Anthocyanin of Beta Vulgaris PDF
F.M. Andrews 167-168
Improved Forms of Maximows' Automatic Pipette PDF
F.M. Andrews 169-174
The Effect of Centrifugal Force on Plants PDF
F.M. Andrews 175-176
The Effect of Aeration on the Roots of Zea Mays --I PDF
Colonzo C. Beals 177-180
Resistance of Mucor Zygotes PDF
Mildred Nothnagel 181-188


The Absorption of Iron by Platinum Crucibles in Clay Fusions PDF
W.M. Blanchard, Roscoe Theibert 189-194
The Injurious Effect of Borax in Fertilizers on Corn PDF
S.D. Conner 195-200
Chemical Estimation of the Fertility of Soils in Fulton County, Indiana PDF
R.H. Carr, W.K. Gast 201-210
Sulphur By-Products of the Preparation of Ether PDF
P.N. Evans, G.K. Foresman 211-216
Abstract - The Effect of Tobacco Smoke and of Methyl Iodide Vapor on the Growth of Certain Micro-Organisms PDF
C.A. Ludwig 217-218


Brief Notes on the New Castle Tornado PDF
C.C. Beals 219-220
The Mount Carmel Fault PDF
William N. Logan 221-226
Utilization of Indiana Kaolin PDF
William N. Logan 227-228
Certain Indicia of Dip in Rocks PDF
William N. Logan 229-234
Brief Notes on Field Methods Used in Geological Work of Mid-Continent Oil Fields PDF
Louis Roark 235-240


Chas T. Knipp 241-244
Energy Losses in Commerical Hammers PDF
Edwin Morrison, Robert L. Petry 245-248


The Effect of Artificial Selection on Bristle Number in Drosophila Ampelophila PDF
Fernandus Payne 249-250
The Unionidae of Lake Maxinkuckee PDF
Barton Warren Evermann, Howard Walton Clark 251-286
Further Experiments with the Mutant, Scarlet, from Drosophila Repleta PDF
Hobart Cromwell 287-294
A Seasonal Study of the Kidney of the Five-Spined Stickleback, Encalia Incostans Cayuga Jordan PDF
Walter N. Hess 295-296
The Erdmann New Culture Medium for Protozoa PDF
C.A. Behrens, H.C. Travelbee 297-300
Disposition and Intelligence of the Chimpanzee PDF
W. Henry Sheak 301-310
The Uredinales of Delaware PDF
H.S. Jackson 311-386
The Trees of White County, Indiana with Some Reference to Those of the State PDF
Louis Frederick Heimlich 387-472

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