Vol 28 (1918)

Table of Contents

Academy Business

Constitution, By-Laws, Officers, Members, Minutes, Spring Meeting PDF

President's Address

How Should the Student Body Be Recruited? PDF
E.B. Williamson 45-48

Symposium on Important Contributions of Science to Military Efficiency

Contributions of Botany to Military Efficiency PDF
R.M. Holman 49-55
Geology and the War PDF
L.F. Bennett 56-59
Physiography and the War PDF
W.M. A. McBeth 60-62

Papers of the General Session

The Barberry and its Relation to the Stem Rust of Wheat in Indiana PDF
F.J. Pipal 63-70
Evolutionary Philosophy and the German War PDF
A. Richards 71-78
In Memoriam -- George D. Timmons PDF
L.F. Bennett 79-80
In Memoriam -- William James Jones Jr. PDF
S.D. Conner 81-82
Feeble-Mindedness ---The Problem --- Conditions in Indiana PDF
Edna R. Jatho 83-87
A Method of Teaching Diffusion and Osmosis in Connection with Biological Work PDF
Paul Weatherwax 88-92


Number of Colonies for a Satisfactory Soil Plate PDF
H.A. Noyes, G.L. Grounds 93-101
The Length of Time to Incubate Petri Plates PDF
H.A. Noyes, Edwin Voigt, J.D. Luckett 102-109
Bacteria in Frozen Soil PDF
H.A. Noyes 110-116


Some Abnormalities in Plant Structure PDF
M.S. Markle 117-124
Plants of Boone County, Kentucky PDF
James Carlson Nelson 125-143
Plants New to Indiana VIII PDF
Chas. C. Deam 144-150


Analyses of One Hundred Soils in Allen County, Indiana PDF
R.H. Carr, V.R. Phares 151-159
The Relation of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Organic Matter to Corn Yield in Elkhart County, Indiana PDF
R.H. Carr, Leroy Hoffman 160-165
Flame Reactions of Thallium PDF
Jacob Papish 166-169
Sulphur Dioxide as a Source of Volcanic Sulphur PDF
Jacob Papish 170-171


The Occurence of Coal in Monroe County PDF
W.N. Logan 172-176
Note on Occurrence of Indianaite in Monroe County, Indiana PDF
W.N. Logan 177-182
Notes on the Palaeontology of Certain Chester Formations in Southern Indiana PDF
Allen D. Hole 183-185
Soil Survey of Cass County, Indiana PDF
Colonzo C. Beals 186-204


The Velocity of Sound Waves in Tubes PDF
Arthur L. Foley 205-213
Luther Dana Waterman PDF
Arthur L. Foley 214-220
New Methods of Measuring the Speed of Sound Pulses Near the Source PDF
Arthur L. Foley 221-224


The Crustaceans of Lake Maxinkuckee PDF
Barton Warren Evermann, Howard Walton Clark 225-229
The Copepod Parasites PDF
Charles B. Wilson 230-231
The Crawfishes PDF
William Perry Hay 232-235
Notes on Certain Protozoa and Other Invertebrates of Lake Maxinkuckee PDF
Barton Warren Evermann, Howard Walton Clark 236-244
Aphids and Ants on Fruit Trees PDF
S.D. Conner 245-246
Memorial of Albert Homer Purdue PDF
George H. Ashley 247-257
Professor M.J. Golden, Noted Educator, Called by Death PDF
R.B. Trueblood 258-260
Some Trees of Indiana PDF
F.M. Andrews 261-263
Ascomycetes New to the Flora of Indiana PDF
Bruce Fink, Sylvia C. Fuson 264-275
The Dormant Period of Timothy Seed After Harvesting PDF
M.L. Fisher 276-279
The Birds of the Sand Dunes of Northwestern Indiana PDF
C.W.G. Eifrig 280-303
A Synopsis of the Races of Guiana Flycatcher Myiarchus Ferox (Gmelin) PDF
Harry C. Oberholser 304-308
Erosional Freaks of the Saluda Limestone PDF
Elmer G. Sulzer 309-311
A Kinetic Model of the Electron Atom PDF
R.R. Ramsey 312-319

Some Contributions of Physical Science to Military Efficiency

Some Contributions of Physical Science to Military Efficiency PDF
C.M. Smith 320-322

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