Vol 29 (1919)

Table of Contents

Academy Business

Constitution, Officers, Committees, Members, Minutes, Program PDF

Papers Read

Whales and Whale Fisheries of the North Pacific PDF
William Watson Woollen 50-58
Hydrangea Arborescens Varr. Sterilis Torr. and Gray as an Ornamental Plant PDF
David M. Mottier 59-62
The Indiana Forest Problem PDF
Benjamin Wallace Douglass 63-66
L.E. Daniels --- A Biographical Sketch PDF
W.S. Blatchley 67-70
A Method of Direct Aeration of Stored Waters PDF
Will Scott, A.L. Foley 71-74

General Program

The Department of Conservation, State of Indiana, Present and Future -- Division of Geology and Natural Resources PDF
W.N. Logan 75-88

Physics and Chemistry

The Chemist and the Community PDF
Wm. M. Blanchard 89-90
Segregation and Growth of Crystals in Bearing Metals PDF
E.G. Mahin, J.F. Broeker, Jr. 91-98
Fertility of Soils of Hancock County, Indiana PDF
R.H. Carr, H.S. Copeland, E. Gentzler 99-106


Checks on Computations in the Solution of Triangles PDF
A.M. Kenyon 107-112

Botany and Bacteriology

An Arrangement of the Ascomycetes of Indiana PDF
Bruce Fink, Sylvia C. Fuson 113-134
Indiana Plant Diseases, 1919 PDF
Max W. Gardner 135-156
Notes on our Indiana Dodders PDF
T.G. Yuncker 157-164
Apparatus for Aerating Plants PDF
F.M. Andrews 165-167
A Study of Pollen II PDF
F.M. Andrews 167-168
A Warming Needle for Arranging Specimens in Paraffin PDF
F.M. Andrews 168-170
Hydrogen Ion Concentration and Titratable Acidity in Relation to Bacteriological Media PDF
I.L. Baldwin 171-174
The Parasitic Fungi of Montgomery County, I PDF
H.W. Anderson, P.J. Anderson 175-177
List of Fungi Collected PDF
H.W. Anderson, P.J. Anderson 177-200
Host Index PDF
H.W. Anderson, P.J. Anderson 201-221
Index of Genera of Fungi PDF
H.W. Anderson, P.J. Anderson 222
Pipettes for Holding and Measuring Fluids PDF
Charles A. Behrens 223-224
The Cultivation of Spirochaeta Novyi Without the Use of Tissue from Animal Organs PDF
Charles A. Behrens 225-228


Notes on the Biology of Fireflies PDF
Walter N. Hess 229-232
The Orthoptera of Northeastern America PDF
W.S. Blatchley 233-238
Birds Singing in the Night PDF
M.L. Fisher 239-240

Additional Titles

Wild or Indian Rice PDF
Albert B. Reagan 241-242
The Influenza and the Navajo PDF
Albert B. Reagan 243-248
A Trip in the Little Fork, Nett River Country, Minnesota PDF
Albert B. Reagan 249-252
A Trip Among the Rainy Lakes PDF
Albert B. Reagan 253-260
Bryozoan Faunas of the Stones River Group of Central Tennessee PDF
Horace Noble Coryell 261-340
A Synopsis of the Subspecies of Electron Platyrhynchum (Leadbeater) PDF
Harry C. Oberholser 341-344
Observations on the Food of Cladocera PDF
Homer G. Fisher 345-346
The Flood Myth of the Chippewas PDF
Albert B. Reagan 347-352
Glacial Deposits in the Pine River Valley, Colorado PDF
Albert B. Reagan 353-354
Probable Eocene Glacial Deposits in the Fort Apache Region, Arizona PDF
Albert B. Reagan 355-358
Some Notes on the Estimation of Chromium as Chromic Oxide PDF
Wm. M. Blanchard, Pauline Norris 359-360
Some Special Physiographic Features of the Knob-Stone Cuesta Region of Southern Indiana: An Example of Explanatory Physiography PDF
Clyde A. Malott 361-384

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Index PDF