Vol 30 (1920)

Table of Contents

Academy Business

Constitution, By-Laws, Committees, Members, Spring Meeting Minutes, Winter Meeting Minutes, Winter Meeting Program PDF

Papers of the General Session

Ulysses Orange Cox (In Memoriam) PDF
Barton Warren Evermann 45-49
Bibliography PDF
Indiana Academy of Science 50
Presidential Address -- Biological Laws and Social Progress PDF
H.L. Bruner 51-58
Health Service at Purdue University PDF
O.P. Terry 59-64
Some Guesses by an Ignoramus PDF
Robert W. McBride 65-68
Report of a Study of Mental Ability of Children in One Orphans' Home in Indiana PDF
Arthur H. Estabrook 69-70
Tests of the Emotions PDF
Sidney L. Pressey 71-74
Undergraduate Research in Our Colleges and Universities PDF
Horace A. Shonle 75-78
State Archaeological Survey PDF
Amos W. Butler 79-82


Whistling Swans (Olor Columbianus) PDF
Etta S. Wilson 83-86
Notes on the Termites of Indiana PDF
Harry F. Dietz 87-96
Abstract - The Freshwater Medusae of Boss Lake. Elkhart. Indiana PDF
F. Payne 97-98
Notes on Indiana Dragonflies PDF
E.B. Williamson 99-104
The Anatine Genus Nyroca and Its Nearest Allies PDF
Harry C. Oberholser 105-114
Some Observations on the Pythons PDF
W. Henry Sheak 115-118
Mallophaga of Our Native Birds PDF
Edwin J. Kohl 119-134
Some Rare Indiana Birds PDF
Amos W. Butler 135-140
Abstract - The Effect of Adrenin on the Pigment Migration in the Melanophores of the Skin and in the Pigment Cells of the Retina of the Frog PDF
Andrew J. Bigney 141-142


The Effect of Centrifugal Force on Plants PDF
F.M. Andrews 143-146
The Effect of Aeration on Plants PDF
F.M. Andrews 147-148
Phyllotaxis of Specularia Perfoliata PDF
F.M. Andrews 149-150
An Improved Method for Regulating the Thickness of Microtome Sections PDF
F.M. Andrews 151-154
Studies on Pollen, III PDF
F.M. Andrews 155-156
The Ustilaginales of Indiana, II PDF
H.S. Jackson 157-164
The Uredinales of Indiana III PDF
H.S. Jackson 165-182
A Convenient Laboratory Plant Press PDF
H.S. Jackson 183-186
Indiana Plant Diseases, 1920 PDF
Max W. Gardner 187-208
Indiana Fungi -V PDF
J.M. Van Hook 209-214
The Pycnidium of Cicinnobolus PDF
J.M. Van Hook 215-216
A Tricotyledonous Bean PDF
J.M. Van Hook 217-218
Native Plants of White County --III PDF
Louis F Heimlich 219-224
Plants New to Indiana --IX PDF
Chas. C. Deam 225-228
A Species of Cuscuta Not Hitherto Reported from Indiana PDF
T.G. Yuncker 229-230
A List of Indiana Mosses PDF
T.G. Yuncker 231-242
A Curious Variation in the Common Milkweed PDF
C.A. Ludwig 243-246

Geology and Geography

Some Evidence Indicating the Importance of Frost Action in Widening Valleys PDF
Glenn Culbertson 247-248
Planation Stream Piracy PDF
Clyde A. Malott 249-260

Physics and Chemistry

What Puts "Pop" in Pop Corn? PDF
R.H. Carr, E.F. Ripley 261-270
Recent Progress in the Use of Ozone in Ventilation PDF
F.O. Anderegg 271-274
Training Reserach Chemists in Indiana PDF
E.G. Mahin 275-280
Slow Recovery and Permanent Set in Copper, Aluminum, and Lead PDF
Albert E. Woodruff 281-286
A Resistance Radio Telephone PDF
R.R. Ramsey 287-288
Note on Antennae Resistance PDF
R.R. Ramsey 289
A Long Wave Receiver PDF
R.R. Ramsey 289-290

Additional Titles

Segregation and Recombination of the Genes for Tinged, Blood, Buff and Coral in Drosophila Melanogaster PDF
Roscoe R. Hyde 291-300
Behavior of the Gene for the Mutant Curved for Drosophila Melanogaster in Crosses Involving Genes in the Same and Other Chromosomes PDF
Roscoe R. Hyde 301-314
Notes on the Birds of Carroll, Monroe, and Vigo Counties, Indiana PDF
Barton Warren Evermann 315-402

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Index PDF