Vol 31 (1921)

Table of Contents

Academy Business

Constitution, By-Laws, Officers, Committees, Members, Spring Meeting Minutes, Winter Meeting Minutes, Program PDF


William Watson Woollen PDF
Amos W. Butler 32
Winthrop Ellsworth Stone PDF
Stanley Coulter 33-37
Alfred Monroe Kenyon PDF
T.E. Mason, W.A. Zehring 38-40

President's Address

The Problems of Life Among Parasitic Animals PDF
Howard E. Enders 41-48

Additional Titles

Fakers of Science PDF
E.G. Mahin 49-58


Prehistoric Indiana Archaeology PDF
S.F. Balcom 59-68


Preparation and Use of Collodion Sacs in Exalting Micro-Organisms PDF
Charles A. Behrens 69-74
Saprolegnia PDF
F.M. Andrews 75-78
Vaucheria PDF
F.M. Andrews 79-80
Trillium Nivale PDF
F.M. Andrews 81-86
Spirogyra PDF
F.M. Andrews 87-90
Some Aspects of Stone Mountain and Its Vegetation PDF
Elmer Grant Campbell 91-100
Plants New to Indiana X PDF
Charles C. Deam 101-104
The Toll of Weeds in Indiana PDF
Albert A. Hansen 105-110
Peloria in Linaria and Other Plants PDF
Louis F. Heimlich 111-116
Plants of White County --IV PDF
Louis F. Heimlich 117-120
The Growth of Tree Twigs PDF
C.A. Ludwig 121-132
Observations Concerning Puccinia Pattersoniana and Puccinia Moreniana PDF
E.B. Mains 133-136
Evidence of the Seed Carriage of the Euphorbia Rusts Uromyces Proeminens and U. Dictosperma PDF
E.B. Mains 137-140

Papers of the General Session

Treatment of Rhus Poisoning PDF
O.P. Terry 141-142
Indiana Fungi --VI PDF
J.M. Van Hook 143-148
The Popping of Corn PDF
Paul Weatherwax 149-154

Botany and Bacteriology

Additions and Corrections to the List of Indiana Mosses PDF
T.G. Yuncker 155-156

Physics and Chemistry

A Chemical Study of the High Frequency Corona Discharge PDF
F.O. Anderegg 157-166
Ozone in Ventilation: Revivification of Mice PDF
F.O. Anderegg, R.H. Carr 167-168
Ozone as a Bleaching Agent in Steam Laundries PDF
F.O. Anderegg 169-170
Some Characteristics of a Siemens Ozonizer PDF
Karl B. McEachron 171-180
The Simultaneous Electro-Dispostion of Lead and Lead Peroxide PDF
M.G. Mellon, H.F. Reinhard 181-188
Some Experiments on the Determination of Lead in Lead Amalgam PDF
M.G. Mellon, H.F. Reinhard 189-196
Chlorination of Mixed Silver Halides in Gooch Crucibles PDF
M.G. Mellon, J.C. Siegesmund 197-200
Acyl Derivatives of O-Aminophenol PDF
R.E. Nelson, H.L. Davis 201-202

Geology and Geography

A Subterranean Cut-Off and Other Subterranean Phenomena Along Indian Creek, Lawrence County, Indiana PDF
Clyde A. Malott 203-210
The Hewitt Oil Field, Carter County, Oklahoma PDF
Louis Roark 211-220
A Zone of Large Concretions in the Knobstone PDF
W.M. Tucker 221-222


Decrement Measurements PDF
R.R. Ramsey 223-226


Studies of the Biology of Freshwater Mussels. III. Distribution and Movements of Winona Lake Mussels PDF
William Ray Allen 227-238
A Study of the Life History and Productivity of Hyalella Knickerbokeri Bate PDF
Dona Gaylor 239-250
An Indiana Insect Survey PDF
John J. Davis 251-254
A National Insect Pest Survey and Its Relation to Indiana PDF
John J. Davis 255-256
Reactions to Light and Photo-Receptors of Annelida PDF
Walter N. Hess 257-258
A High Fecundity Record for Drosophila Melanogaster PDF
Roscoe R. Hyde 259-260
Army Worm Control Through County Organization PDF
W.H. Larrimer 261-264
A Preliminary Report on Hog Lung-Worms PDF
George Zebrowski 265-282

Papers on Chemistry

Crop Rotation as Affecting Nitrate Production PDF
I.L. Baldwin, U.L. Coble, J.W. Chamberlain 283-294
Fertilizer Treatment as Affecting Nitrate Production PDF
I.L. Baldwin, W.E. Walters, F.K. Schmidt 295-309

Back Matter

Index PDF