Vol 33 (1923)

Table of Contents

Academy Business

Officers, Committees, Spring Meeting Minutes, Winter Meeting Minutes and Program PDF

President's Address

Bacteriology and Its Practical Significance PDF
Charles A. Behrens 35-46


A Plea Against Over-Standardization in Scientific Education PDF
E.G. Mahin 47-54
Geographic Variations in Indiana in Typhoid Tuberculosis, Cancer and in Total Deaths PDF
Stephen Sargent Visher 55-62

Papers on Geology and Geography

A Change of Drainage of Raccoon Creek, Parke County, Indiana PDF
Glenn G. Bartle 63-68
The Development of Soil Survey PDF
T.M. Bushnell 69-72
A Case of Stream Piracy Near Greencastle, Indiana PDF
Ernest Rice Smith 73-76

Papers on Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics

The Silent Electric Discharge and its Effects on Gases PDF
R.H. George 77-84
The Electrometric Titration of Boric Acid in the Presence of Polyphenols and Organic Acids PDF
M.G. Mellon, V.N. Morris 85-92
The Peculiar Properties of Water in Light of Its Molecular Structure PDF
F.O. Anderegg 93-102
Familiarizing Chemistry Students with the Gram-Molecular Volume of Gases PDF
W.M. Blanchard 103-104
A Study of Locomotive Whistles PDF
Arthur L. Foley 105-114
The Power Required to Drive Spoke and Disk Wheels and Pulleys PDF
Arthur L. Foley, B. Eisenhour 115-120
Why the Logarithm in Logarithmic Decrement? PDF
R.R. Ramsey 121-122

Botany and Zoology

List of Indiana Plants, Chiefly from Putnam County, Collected 1910-1915 by Earl J. Grimes PDF
Eileen Whitehead Erlanson 123-162
Indiana Plant Diseases, 1921 PDF
Max W. Gardner 163-201
Indiana Plant Diseases, 1922 PDF
Max W. Gardner 202-212
Does Allium Vineale L. Produce Seeds in Indiana PDF
Albert A. Hansen 213-214
Recent Indiana Weeds, 1923 PDF
Albert A. Hansen 214-216
A Weed Survey of Indiana PDF
Albert A. Hansen 216-220
Plants New or Rare in Indiana -XII PDF
Chas. C. Deam 221-222
Notes on Grasses PDF
Paul Weatherwax 223-224
Plants of White County -VI PDF
Louis F. Heimlich 225-232
Indiana Fungi -VII PDF
J.M. Van Hook 233-238
Culture Methods in the Production of Polyembryony in Certain Ferns (Polypodiaceae) PDF
David M. Mottier 239-240
Notes on Greenhouse Culture Methods Used in Rust Investigations PDF
E.B. Mains 241-258
The Reclamation of Soil by Vegetation PDF
F.M. Andrews 259-264
Midsummer Growth PDF
F.M. Andrews 264-265
Studies on Pollen -IV PDF
F.M. Andrews 265-266
Protoplasmic Streaming PDF
F.M. Andrews 266-268
Nitrate Studies on Purdue Rotation Field No. 6 PDF
I.L. Baldwin, W.J. Nichter, R.O. Lindsey 269-280
Some Soil and Water Reactions in the Dunes Region of Porter County PDF
Marcus Ward Lyon, Jr. 281-284
New Records of Indiana Mammals PDF
Marcus Ward Lyon, Jr. 284-286
Relation of Insects to Human Life and to the Sciences PDF
J.J. Davis 287-298
Notes on the Termites of Indiana -II PDF
Harry F. Dietz 299-302
Notes on the Functions of Forceps of Eearwigs PDF
W.P. Morgan 303-306
The Relation of Size to Age in Some Common Freshwater Fishes PDF
Homer R. Bolen 307-310
The Diurnal Oxygen Pulse in Eagle (Winona) Lake PDF
Will Scott 311-314
A Study of the Productivity and Breeding Habits of the Bluegill, Lepomis Pallidus (Mitch) PDF
Lowell T. Coggeshall 315-320

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Members, Index PDF