Vol 2, No 1 (2005)


Table of Contents

Front Matter

Front Matter PDF


William Snyder Hall: In Memorium PDF
Eleanor D. Kinney


Genetic Discrimination in Health Insurance - Comprehensive Legal Solutions for a (not so) Special Problem? PDF
Robert F. Rich, Julian Ziegler
Hospital Chaplaincy Under the HIPAA Privacy Rule: Health Care or "Just Visiting the Sick"? PDF
Stacey A. Tovino
Creating Human Embryos for Research: A Scientist's Perspective on Managing the Legal and Ethical Issues PDF
Emilie W. Clemmens
Of Pills and Needles: Involuntarily Medicating the Psychotic Inmate when Execution Looms PDF
Julie D. CantorOf Pills and Needles: Involuntarily Medicating the
Serving Economic Efficiencies or Anticompetitive Purposes? The Future of Group Purchasing Organizations and the Antitrust Safety Zone PDF
Julie C. Klish


Prenatal Testing Gone Awry: The Birth of a Conflict of Ethics and Liability PDF
Elizabeth A. Ackmann
A Chimera in Every Sense: Standard of Care for Physicians Practicing Complementary and Alternative Medicine PDF
J. Brad Kallmyer
Understanding the Disparity in Availability of Prescription Drugs in the United States: Compromise May Be the Answer PDF
Natalie J. Tanner
Patient Safety or Profit: What Incentives are Blood Shield Laws and FDA Regulations Creating for the Tissue Banking Industry? PDF
Jason L. Williams