Vol 3, No 1 (2006)


Table of Contents

Front Matter

Front Matter PDF


History, Recipients PDF
Indiana Health Law Review
Beyond Tort Reform: Fixing Real Problems PDF
Randall R. Bovbjerg


Controlling Medical Malpractice Insurance Costs-Congressional Act or Voter Proposition? PDF
H. E. Frech III, William G. Hamm, C. Paul Wazzan
My Father, John Locke, and Assisted Suicide: The Real Constitutional Right PDF
John B. Mitchell
Sound Constitutional Analysis, Moral Principle, and WlSe Policy Judgment Require a Clear and Convincing Evidence Standard of Proof in Physician Disciplinary Proceedings PDF
Roy G. Spece, Jr., John J. Marchalonis
New Governance and Soft Law in Health Care Reform PDF
Louise G. Trubek


Duty-to-Warn -Even if it May Be Hearsay? The Implications of a Psychotherapists Duty-to-Warn a Third Person When Information is Obtained From Someone Other Than His Patient PDF
Deborah C. Edwards
Anti-depressants and Children: Suicidality. Off-label Use, and Trial Publication PDF
Timothy J. Hixson
Proper Preemption or Contrived Construction?: Why Section 360k(a) of the FDCA Should Not Be Interpreted to Preempt State Common Law Tort Claims PDF
Travis P. Meek
State Innovation in Health Care: Congress' Broad Spending Power Under a National Health Care System will Stifle State Laboratories of Democracy PDF
Tammy R. Murray