Vol 4, No 2 (2007)


Table of Contents

Front Matter

Front Matter PDF
Introduction PDF


History, Recipients PDF
Eleanor D. Kinney
Of Doctors and Hospitals: Setting the Analytical Framework for Managing and Regulating the Relationship PDF
James F. Blumstein


Hospital-Physician Joint Venture Relationships: A Useful Tool to Improve Hospital Services PDF
Steven H. Pratt
Transcript of Live Symposium Panel Discussion PDF
James F. Blumstein, Pemberton L. Pemberton, Norman G. Tabler, Steven H. Pratt, Dennis L. Pippenger, Michael J. Finnerty


Move Over Managed Care - Health Savings Accounts, Small Businesses, and Low Wage Earners: Cost, Quality, and Access PDF
Russell B. Cate
Harvesting Organs from Minors and Incompetent Adults to Supply the Nations Organ Drought: A Critical Review of the Substituted Judgment Doctrine and the Best Interest Standard PDF
Beth A. Schenberg
Toward a Twenty-First Century Civil Commitment Statute: A Legal, Medical, and Policy Analysis of Preventive Outpatient Treatment PDF
Rachel A. Scherer
Letting Lilliputians Sit at the Table: Providing Physicians with a Magnified Voice to Counter the Brobdingnagian HMO PDF
Brandt R. Voight