Vol 5, No 1 (2008)


Table of Contents

Front Matter

Front Matter PDF


Dances with Elephants: Administrative Resolution Dances with Elephants: Administrative Resolution PDF
Eleanor D. Kinney, William M. Sage
Achieving Quality and Responding to Consumers The Medicare Beneficiary Complaint Process: Who Should Respond? PDF
Diane E. Hoffman, Virginia Rowthorn


Expanded Hospital Liability Under the Federal False Claims Act: An Unexpected Solution to the Resident Duty Hour Controversy PDF
Robert R. Elder
A Flawed Solution to the Sex Offender Situation in the United States: The Legality of Chemical Castration for Sex Offenders PDF
Matthew V. Daley
Live or Let Die: Will the Courts Recognize In Terminally Ill Patients a Fundamental Right to Choose Non-FDA Approved Drugs or Does the FDA's Stringent Approval Process Carry Sufficient Merit? PDF
Clayton R. Portell
Closing the Deal: Making the Right Congressional Decision About Patent Settlement Agreements PDF
Amy C. Waltz


Bottom Lines and Waist Lines: State Governments Weigh In on Wellness PDF
Cynthia A. Baker
Taking Roll: An Assessment of State and Local Governance of School Wellness Policies PDF
Saly Hubbard