Vol 13, No 4 (1980)

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Front Matter

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Indiana Law Review


Congressional Response to Zurcher v. Stanford Daily PDF
Birch Bayh 835-862
Double Jeopardy Protection—Illusion or Reality? PDF
Susanah M. Mead 863-892
Corporate Officers Beware — Your Signature on a Negotiable Instrument May Be Hazardous to Your Economic Health PDF
Tom L. Holland 893-922


The Constitutionality of the Federal Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act of 1977 PDF
R. Russell Petterson 923-967
The Proper Standard to Apply Under Indiana Trial Rule 41(B): Motion for Involuntary Dismissal PDF
Brandt Hardy 969-998
Double Jeopardy and the Rule Against Punitive Damages of Taber v. Hutson PDF
N. Kent Smith 999-1023

Case Notes

Evidence— Adoption of the "Silent Witness Theory"—Bergner v. State PDF
Edward V. Olson 1025-1053

Back Matter

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