Vol 15, No 2 (1982)

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Indiana Law Review i-xii


Secured Creditors Under the Bankruptcy Reform Act PDF
Frank R. Kennedy 477-500
Confirmation of a Plan Under Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code and the Effect of Confirmation on Creditors' Rights PDF
Edward B. Hopper II 501-546
When Can the Owners Participate in the Reorganized Debtor?: Cram Down as a "Shield" for Creditors PDF
James M. Carr 547-560
The Plight of the Defaulting Mortgagor PDF
Sigmund J. Beck 561-567
Secured Claims Under Section 1325(a)(5)(B): Collateral Valuation, Present Value, and Adequate Protection PDF
S. Andrew Bowman, William M. Thompson 569-592


The Continuing Vitality of Louisville Joint Stock Land Bank v. Radford: Persuasive Authority for Cases Declaring Retroactive Application of Section 522(f) of the Bankruptcy Code Unconstitutional PDF
Jane E. Magnus 593-615

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Indiana Law Review

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