Vol 18, No 3 (1985)

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Front Matter

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Indiana Law Review


Releasing Excellence: Erasing Gender Zoning from the Legal Mind PDF
Sallyanne Payton 629-642
High Technology, the Human Image, and Constitutional Value PDF
Patrick Baude 643-653


Punitive Damages for Crime Victims: New Possibilities for Recovery in Indiana PDF
Elizabeth Gingerich 655-684
In-house Corporate Counsel and Retained Attorneys: Should the Courts and Administrative Agencies Distinguish Them? PDF
Mark A. Kapouralos 685-709
The Interest of the Child in the Home Education Question: Wisconsin v. Yoder Re-examined PDF
Debra D. McVicker 711-729
The Pecuniary Loss Rule as an Inappropriate Measure of Damages in Child Death Cases PDF
Lori A. Torres 731-749
Reasonable Inquiry Under Rule 11—Is the Stop, Look, and Investigate Requirement a Litigant's Roadblock? PDF
Judy L. Woods 751-776

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Indiana Law Review

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