Vol 20, No 1 (1987)

Survey of Recent Developments In Indiana Law

Table of Contents

Front Matter

Front Matter PDF
Indiana Law Review x-xiii


Administrative Adjudication—Revised and Recodified PDF
Kathleen Givens Lucas 1-18
Developments in Business Association Law PDF
Paul J. Galanti 19-60
Article 9 of the Indiana Uniform Commercial Code in Transition PDF
Edward A. Keirn 61-86
Indiana's Uniform Commercial Code: Recent Developments PDF
David M. Powlen, Edward A. Keirn 87-118
The Indiana Business Corporation Law: Tool For Flexibility Simplicity and Uniformity PDF
Edwin J. Simcox 119-138
Amendments Curing Defendant Misnomers Under Trial Rule 15(C): A Bright Line Test of Prejudice for Relation Back PDF
Steven K. Huffer 139-150
Attorney's Fees for Frivolous, Unreasonable or Groundless Litigation PDF
Andrew W. Hull 151-160
Indiana's Statutory Provisions for Alternative Testimony in Child Sex Abuse Cases: Is It Live or Is It Memorex? PDF
Susan Burke 161-182
Evidentiary Use of Other Crime Evidence: A Survey of Recent Trends in Criminal Procedure PDF
Susan Stuart 183-210
Family Law: Equitable Distribution and Proper Valuation of Marital Property PDF
Mary Beth Claus, Cathleen J. Perry 111-230
Developments in Insurance Law: Agents' and Brokers' Liability PDF
Donna H. Fisher 231-242
Developments in Employment Discrimination Law PDF
Lynn Brundage Jongleux 243-258
Recent NLRB Developments PDF
David L. Swider 259-280
Developments in Professional Liability Law PDF
Donald L. Jackson 281-288
Claims By and Against Decedents' Estates PDF
Debra A. Falender 289-304
Developments in Property Law PDF
Walter W. Krieger 305-344
Recent Developments Under the Social Security Act PDF
Kenneth J. Falk 345-360
Some Very Significant Developments in Indiana Taxation PDF
J. B. King 361-384
The Disappearing Rights of Plaintiffs Under a Legal Disability PDF
Roger L. Pardieck 385-398
A Multi-Perspective Critique of Indiana's Legislative Abrogation of the Collateral Source Rule PDF
Lawrence P. Wilkins 399-436
New Developments in Workmen's Compensation Law: Accident Defined and New Thoughts on Crediting PDF
Joseph M. Forte 437-452

ISSN: 0090-4198