Vol 23, No 4 (1990)

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Front Matter

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Indiana Law Review


The Statutory Duty Action in Tort: A Statutory/Common Law Hybrid PDF
Caroline Forell 781-819
A Strategy for Increasing the Mental and Emotional Fitness of Bar Applicants PDF
Stephen T. Maher, Lori Blum 821-861
Time For an Intermediate Court of Appeals: The Evidence Says "Yes" PDF
Stephen Safranek 863-898


The Proper Scope of Claimant Coverage Under the Indiana Medical Malpractice Act PDF
Dan Harbottle 899-925
The Short History of a Rule of Evidence That Failed (Federal Rule of Evidence 609, Green v. Bock Laundry Machine Co. and the New Amendment) PDF
Mark Voigtmann 927-947
Summary Jury Trials: A "Settlement Technique" That Places a Shroud of Secrecy on Our Courtrooms? PDF
Angela Wade 949-976

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Indiana Law Review iii-xiv

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