Vol 24, No 2 (1991)

Table of Contents

Front Matter

Front Matter PDF
Indiana Law Review


Redefining Corporate Law PDF
David Millon 223-277
Indemnification of Corporate Executives Who Have Been Convicted of Crimes: An Assessment and Proposal PDF
Pamela H. Bucy 279-356
Loss Causation: Exposing a Fraud on Securities Law Jurisprudence PDF
Michael J. Kaufman 357-397


Who's Been Sleeping in My Bed? You and Me, and the State Makes Three PDF
Phyllis Coleman 399-416


Redefining the New Value Exception to the Absolute Priority Rule in Light of the Creditors' Bargain Rule in Light of the Creditors' Bargain PDF
Derek J. Meyer 417-438
Reducing the Federal Docket: An Exclusive Administrative Remedy for Prisoners Bringing Tort Claims Under the Federal Tort Claims Act PDF
Lori Carver Praed 439-458
The Berne Convention and Protection of Works of Architecture: Why the United States Should Create a New Subject Matter Category for Works of Architecture Under Section 102(a) of the Copyright Act of 1976 PDF
Laura E. Steinfeld 459-497

ISSN: 0090-4198