Vol 24, No 4 (1991)

Symposium: 1990 Annual Agricultural Law Association Annual Conference

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Front Matter

Front Matter PDF
Indiana Law Review


Introduction PDF
Margaret Rosso Grossman 1309-1314
Should the Unique Treatment of Agricultural Liens Continue? PDF
Keith G. Meyer 1315-1356
Recent Developments in Chapter 12 Bankruptcy PDF
Susan A. Schneider 1357-1378
Estate Planning for the Elderly and Disabled: Organizing the Estate to Qualify for Federal Medical Extended Care Assistance PDF
Roger A. McEowen, Neil E. Harl 1379-1428
Agricultural Taxation—Selected Issues PDF
C. Allen Bock, Philip E. Harris, John Deery-Schmitt 1429-1450
Analysis of the Farmer's Comprehensive Liability Policy PDF
John D. Copeland 1451-1488
Federal Court Jurisdiction Over USDA/ASCS Cases: How and In What Courts Farmers Can Seek Review of USDA Denials of Their Subsidy Payments PDF
Alexander J. Pires Jr., Shelley L. Bagoly 1489-1506
Swampbuster: A Report from the Front PDF
Anthony N. Turrini 1507-1524
Protecting Agricultural Resources in Europe: A Report from the Netherlands PDF
Wim Brussaard 1525-1542
Legal Concerns Triggered by Alternative Land Use—Subtle Issues and Potential Traps PDF
Cynthia Boyer Blakeslee 1543-1566
Economic and Financial Analysis of Alternative Uses of Agricultural Land PDF
Winston I. Smart 1567-1586
Landowner or Occupier Liability for Personal Injuries and Recreational Use Statutes: How Effective is the Protection? PDF
John C. Becker 1587-1614
Recreational Access to Agricultural Land: Insurance Issues PDF
Martha L. Noble 1615-1640
Recreational Access to Agricultural Land: The European Experience PDF
Helge Wulff 1641-1656


Corporate Ownership Restrictions and the United States Constitution PDF
Martin J. Troshynski 1657-1672

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