Vol 25, No 4 (1992)

Survey of Recent Developments In Indiana Law

Table of Contents

Front Matter

Front Matter PDF
Indiana Law Review


Our Bill of Rights PDF
Lewis F. Powell Jr. 937-942
Indiana Law and the Idea of Progress PDF
Randall T. Shepard 943-956
Mediation: An Analysis of Indiana's Court-Annexed Mediation Rule PDF
John R. Van Winkle 957-980
Bankruptcy in the Seventh Circuit: 1991 PDF
Douglass G. Boshkoff 981-998
Indiana Nonprofit Corporation Act PDF
Paul J. Galanti 999-1028
Indiana Adds Articles 2A and 4A of the Uniform Commercial Code PDF
Harold Greenberg 1029-1058
Developments in Indiana Banking Law PDF
Thomas H. Ristine, Michael E. Schroder 1059-1072
1991 Federal Practice and Procedure Update for the Seventh Circuit Practitioner PDF
John R. Maley 1073-1104
Recent Developments in Indiana Appellate Procedure: Reforming the Procedural Path to the Indiana Supreme Court PDF
George T. Patton Jr. 1105-1128
State and Federal Constitutional Law Developments Affecting Indiana Law PDF
Rosalie Berger Levinson 1129-1156
Update—Criminal Law & Procedure PDF
David E. Vandercoy, Bruce G. Berner 1157-1182
Clean Air Act Amendments Leave Small Business Up In the Air PDF
Peter M. Racher 1183-1212
Developments in the Law of Evidence PDF
Henry C. Karlson, Kathleen M. Mulligan, Sophia C. Goodman 1213-1242
The Continuing Evolution of Indiana's Family Law in 1991 PDF
Michael G. Ruppert, Monty K. Woolsey 1243-1270
Indiana Lawmakers Face National Health Policy Issues PDF
Vaneeta M. Kumar, Eleanor D. Kinney 1271-1290
Survey of Recent Developments in Insurance Law PDF
John C. Trimble 1291-1310
Labor and Employment Law PDF
Barbara J. Fick 1311-1330
Survey of Professional Responsibility PDF
Jeffrey D. Todd 1331-1344
Indiana Power of Attorney Act PDF
Jeffrey Kolb 1345-1374
Recent Developments in Property Law PDF
Walter W. Krieger 1375-1404
1991 Developments in Indiana Taxation PDF
Lawrence A. Jegen III, John R. Maley 1405-1418
Tort Law: The Languages of Duty PDF
Jay Tidmarsh 1419-1468
An Examination of the Indiana Supreme Court Docket, Dispositions, and Voting in 1991 PDF
Kevin W. Betz 1469-1484

Back Matter

Twenty-five Year Author Index PDF
Earl D. Mathews 1485-1530

ISSN: 0090-4198