Vol 32, No 4 (1999)

Women and the Law: Facing the Millenium

Table of Contents

Front Matter

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Indiana Law Review


Introduction to Women and the Law: Facing the Millennium PDF
Indiana Law Review, Ruth Bader Ginsburg 1161-1166
Examining Race and Gender Bias in the Courts: A Legacy of Indifference or Opportunity? PDF
Myra C. Selby 1167-1186
Protecting the Hand that Rocks the Cradle: Ensuring the Delivery of Work Related Benefits to Child Care Workers PDF
Debra Cohen-Whelan 1187-1218
The Rugged Feminism of Sandra Day O'Connor PDF
Judith Olans Brown, Wendy E. Parmet, Mary E. O'Connell 1219-1246
Feminists & Contract Doctrine PDF
Debora A. Threedy 1247-1266
On Mirror and Gavels: A Chronicle of How Menopause Was Used as a Legal Defense Against Women PDF
Phyllis T. Bookspan, Maxine Kline 1267-1334


Orthodoxy and Heresy: The Nineteenth Century History of the Rule of Law Reconsidered PDF
Richard P. Cole 1335-1382


The Managed Care Plan Accountability Act PDF
Heather Hutchinson 1383-1412
Private Police: Defending the Power of Professional Bail Bondsmen PDF
Holly J. Joiner 1413-1436
A New Understanding of Specific Act Evidence in Homicide Cases Where the Accused Claims Self-Defense: Striking the Proper Balance Between Competing Policy Goals PDF
Mary K. Kleiss 1437-1466
Compliance Under ERISA Section 404(c) with Increasing Investment Alternatives and Account Accessibility PDF
Keith R. Pyle 1467-1491

Back Matter

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