Vol 33, No 3 (2000)

Table of Contents

Front Matter

Front Matter PDF
Indiana Law Review


Custody and Couvade: The Importance of Paternal Bonding in the Law of Family Relations PDF
Geoffrey P. Miller 691-736
Separating Support from Betrayal: Examining the Intersections of Racialized Legal Pedagogy, Academic Support, and Subordination PDF
Chris K. Iijima 737-782
The Development of AIDS Federal Civil Rights Law: Anti-Discrimination Law Protection of Persons Infected with Human Immunodeficiency Virus PDF
Donald H. J. Hermann 783-862
The Privacy Paradox: The Divergent Paths of the United States Supreme Court and State Courts on Issues of Sexuality PDF
Melanie D. Price 863-892


Different Styles and Similar Values: The Reformer Roles of Charles Evans Hughes and Louis Dembitz Brandeis in Gas, Electric, and Insurance Regulation PDF
Paul Brickner 893-920


The Importance of Being Comparative PDF
Daniel H. Cole 921-936
Confidentiality of Prescription Drug Information in the Era of Computers and Managed Care PDF
Bernard Lo 937-956


Leniency in Exchange for Testimony: Bribery or Effective Prosecution? PDF
A. Jack Finklea 957-990
Living in Sin and the Law: Benefits for Unmarried Couples Dependent upon Sexual Orientation? PDF
Dee Ann Habegger 991-1014
lOLTA Lost the Battle but Has Not Lost the War PDF
Erin E. Heuer Lantzer 1015-1044
Chipping Away at the Stone Wall: Allowing Federal Courts to Impose Non-Compensatory Monetary Sanctions upon Errant Attorneys Without a Finding of Contempt PDF
Greg Neibarger 1045-1076
Medical Malpractice as a Basis for a False Claims Action? PDF
Patrick A. Scheiderer 1077-1099

ISSN: 0090-4198