Vol 34, No 4 (2001)

Property, Wealth, & Inequality

Table of Contents

Front Matter

Front Matter PDF
Indiana Law Review


The Role of Residential Segregation in Promoting and Maintaining Inequality in Wealth and Property PDF
Nancy A. Denton 1199-1212
Property, Wealth, Inequality and Human Rights: A Formula for Reform PDF
Berta Esperanza Herndndez-Truyol, Shelbi D. Day 1213-1242
Poverty, Wealth and Inequality Through the Lens of Globalization: Lessons from the United States and Mexico PDF
Lucy A. Williams 1243-1260
Racism: A Major Source of Property and Wealth Inequality in America PDF
Derrick Bell 1261-1272
Promoting Equitable Development PDF
Angela Glover Blackwell 1273-1290
Land, Culture, and Community: Reflections on Native Sovereignty and Property in America PDF
Rebecca Tsosie 1291-1312
The Many Costs of Discrimination: The Case of Middle-Class African Americans PDF
Joe R. Feagin, Kevin E. Early, Karyn D. McKinney 1313-1360
World Trade Agreements: Advancing the Interests of the Poorest of Poor PDF
John O. McGinnis 1361-1364
Raising Issues of Property, Wealth and Inequality in the Law School: Contracts & Commercial Law School Courses PDF
Veryl Victoria Miles 1365-1376

Book Review

Poverty, the Underclass, and the Role of Race Consciousness: A New Age Critique of Black WealtfiAVhite Wealth and American Apartheid PDF
Reginald Leamon Robinson 1377-1444


What Is This Thing Called the Rule of Law? PDF
James W. Torke 1445-1456
The International Human Right to Health: What Does This Mean for Our Nation and World? PDF
Eleanor D. Kinney 1457-1476


A Call to Restore Limitations on Unbridled Congressional Delegations: American Trucking Ass'ns v. EPA PDF
Alex Foreman 1477-1506
Statutory Rape as a Crime of Violence for Purposes of Sentence Enhancement Under the United States Sentencing Guidelines: Proposing a Limited Fact-Based Analysis PDF
Jennifer Riley 1507-1529

ISSN: 0090-4198