Vol 36, No 3 (2003)

Table of Contents

Front Matter

Front Matter PDF
Indiana Law Review


Tribute to Harold Greenberg PDF
Norman Lefstein 465-468
A Tribute to Professor James F. Bailey, III, and a Review of His Work PDF
William F. Harvey 469-476


Reexamination of the Benefit of Publicly Funded Private Education for African-American Students in a Post-Desegregation Era PDF
Kevin D. Brown 477-522
Race and Money, Courts and Schools: Tentative Lessons from Connecticut PDF
Peter D. Enrich 523-560
Inequitable Equilibrium: School Finance in the United States PDF
Jeffrey Metzler 561-608
The Convergence of Education and Law: A New Class of Educators and Lawyers PDF
Sarah E. Redfield 609-644


Freedom, Responsibility, and Risk: Fundamental Principles Supporting Tort Reform PDF
Deborah J. La Fetra 645-686
Evidentiary Issues in Federal Prosecutions of Violence Against Women PDF
Tom Lininger 687-718
The Judge Has No Robes: Keeping the Electorate in the Dark About What Judges Think About the Issues PDF
Alan B. Morrison 719-746


The Ethical Law School. James P. White Lecture on Legal Education PDF
Graham Zellick 747-758


The FHAA's Reasonable Accommodation & Direct Threat Provisions as Applied to Disabled Individuals Who Become Disruptive, Abusive, or Destructive in Their Housing Environment PDF
Jennifer L. Dolak 759-786
Prescriptions for Change: The Hatch- Waxman Act and New Legislation to Increase the Availability of Generic Drugs to Consumers PDF
Janet A. Gongola 787-826
Personal Privacy on the Internet: Should It Be a Cyberspace Entitlement? PDF
Brian Keith Groemminger 827-856
A Hot Debate in the Summer of 2001: State v. Oakley's Excessive Intrusion on Procreative Rights PDF
Katherine E. McCanna 857-882
Top Level Domain Reorganization: A Constitutional Solution to Legislative Attempts at Internet Regulation PDF
David E. Roberts 883-911

ISSN: 0090-4198