Vol 37, No 2 (2004)

Table of Contents

Front Matter

Front Matter PDF
Indiana Law Review


Diversity and Legal Education. James P. White Lecture on Legal Education PDF
Dennis W. Archer 339-344


Federalism Re-Constructed: The Eleventh Amendment's Illogical Impact on Congress' Power PDF
Marcia L. McCormick 345-374
The Place of Moral Judgment in Constitutional Interpretation PDF
Ronald C Den Otter 375-416


Valuing Interest: Net Harm and Fair Market Value in Brown v. Legal Foundation of Washington PDF
Christopher Serkin 417-436


Lack of Insurance Coverage for Prescription Contraception by an Otherwise Comprehensive Plan as a Violation of Title VII as Amended by the Pregnancy Discrimination Act—Stretching the Statute Too Far PDF
E. Renee Backmeyer 437-466
Questioning the Requirement for Written Description: Enzo Biochem v. Gen-Probe and Overly Broad Patent Cases PDF
Paula K. Davis 467-502
Judicial Deference and University Academic Policy Modifications: When Should Courts Intervene on Behalf of Injured Students? PDF
Michael J. Natali 503-544
How to Discriminate Against Old Lawyers: The Status of Partners, Shareholders, and Members Under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act with Addendum Discussing Clackamas Gastroenterology Associates, P. C. v. Wells PDF
Peter J. Prettyman 545-578
In Civilian Dress and with Hostile Purpose The Labeling of United States Citizens Captured on American Soil as Enemy Combatants: Due Process vs. National Security PDF
JaredA. Simmons 579-603

ISSN: 0090-4198